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Business Solutions Portfolio

Robust Equipment, Supply, and Services

Innovatix helps our members lower their total cost of doing business through robust equipment, supply, and service portfolios. Our contracts will help you realize significant savings on a range of product categories, including:

  • Administrative, Financial & Management Services
  • Cardiology
  • Delivery, Shipping & Freight Management Services
  • Facility Management & Maintenance
  • Foodservice Products & Supplies
  • Imaging
  • Information Technology
  • IV Therapy
  • Laboratory
  • Linens, Uniforms & Products
  • Medical Nutrition Products
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Medical Waste Management Services
  • Nursing
  • Office Supplies, Furniture & Technology
  • OR Products & Supplies
  • Rehab Therapy Products & Supplies
  • Rx Support Services
  • Support Services
  • USP 797 Products & Services
  • Women’s & Children’s Products & Supplies
Custom Contracting

While our members have access to over 2,000 contracts through our relationship with Premier, Innovatix goes above and beyond to provide the very products and services our members need. Using member feedback—including input from our Advisory Groups—we continually enhance our portfolio by contracting directly with both local and national suppliers.

Aggregation Projects

Innovatix brings additional value to members by coordinating regional and national aggregation programs or group buys. Moving beyond the typical GPO model, our aggregation projects require a pre-commitment from members in order to secure unique, one-time, significantly discounted pricing on a specific set of products or services. Through our affiliation with Premier, our members also have access to the same group buy opportunities as some of the nation’s largest acute care providers.

Foodservice Program

Innovatix offers one of the most competitive foodservice programs in the industry – providing members with up to 15% in annual savings. With over 160 contracts comprising more than 300,000 products from major manufacturers, our program leads the way in supplying the highest quality products at the lowest price. Additional benefits include guaranteed price protections, simple online ordering, on-time delivery, and a number of financial and menu development tools.

Direct Sourcing Program

Innovatix members have access to a first-of-its-kind direct sourcing program, through S2S Global. By taking links out the supply chain, the program provides members with significant savings on a constantly expanding portfolio of high-quality, most commonly used clinical products, including apparel, diagnostics, gloves, mobility aids, OR products, and orthopedic soft goods.

Online Access to Contract Information

Members have access to the Innovatix and Premier Business Solutions purchasing program through Premier’s Supply Chain Advisor® (SCA). SCA is a Web-based contract catalog and management tool that can help you search contracts, identify saving opportunities, and streamline your supply chain processes.

Supplier Search

Our Medical Surgical Supply/Business Solutions Supplier Index makes it easier than ever to connect the dots to great savings. Use the search to easily identify opportunities to save on the products you buy from the manufacturers you know and trust.

Tarkett - 1000175656T
Tarry Medical Products dba DandleLION Medical - 1000076253T
Taylor Healthcare - 1000161770T
TB&A Hospital Television, Inc. - 1000000944T
TBGenergy LLC - 1000195225T
Technical Safety Services, LLC - 1000161851T
Technostaff, LLC dba HonorVet Technologies - 2000600045T
Teknion LLC - 2000163561T
TekYard Medical - 1000106207T
TELA Bio, Inc. - 2000163125T
Teleflex LLC - 1000001024T
Tennant Sales and Service Company - 1000001382T
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems - 1000162382T
Terumo Medical Corporation - 1000162324T
Tetra Medical Supply Corp. - 1000000873T
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (Brand) - 0000006047T
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (Generic) - 0000000094T
TGI Office Automation - 2000163141T
Thayer Medical Corporation - 1000162296T
The Call Centre Inc. dba Telelink - 2000554198T
The Claflin Company - 1000166421T
The Clorox Sales Company - 1000162329T
The Doctors Answer, LLC - 2000515397T
The Garland Company, Inc. - 1000162028T
The Gordian Group, Inc. - 2000163879T
The Hertz Corporation - 1000000349T
The Iris Group, Inc. dba Modern Postcard - 1000170468T
The Kiosk & Display Company, Inc. - 2000480000T
The Kirlin Company - 2000155501T
The Marena Group, LLC - 1000002522T
The Morel Company, LLC. - 2000163958T
The Remi Group, LLC - 1000114232T
The Ruhof Corporation - 2000165448T
The ScottCare Corporation - 1000119061T
The Sherwin-Williams Company - 2000160967T
The Soule Co. - 2000161689T
The Synergy Organization, Inc. - 1000115284T
The Winsford Company, LLC dba The Harloff Company, Inc. - 2000146972T
Thimble Bioelectronics, Inc. - 2000433890T
Thrombolex, Inc. - 2000446917T
Through The Cords, LLC - 2000372053T
Tidi Products, LLC - 1000073358T
Tierra Fluker LLC dba Distinctive Events Management LLC - 2000573236T
Tissue Regenerix Wound Care Inc dba TRX BioSurgery - 1000116069T
Titan Spine, Inc. - 2000164346T
TK Elevator Corporation - 1000001287T
TMG International Ltd dba TMG Health Technologies - 2000163172T
Tobra Medical, Inc. - 2000396627T
Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. - 2000164438T
TrackCore, Inc. - 1000162791T
TracPatch Health, Inc. - 2000524072T
Traction Technologies Holdings, LLC - 2000485700T
Trane U.S. Inc. - 1000000738T
Travel Nurse Across America, LLC - 2000536964T
Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. - 2000164645T
Treatspace, Inc. - 2000472062T
Trellis Rx, LLC - 2000370298T
Tremco CPG Inc. - 0000001225T
Trendway Corporation - 1000162279T
Trescope, Inc. - 2000577642T
Tri-Anim Health Services, Inc. - 1000000649T
Tricol Biomedical, Inc. - 1000163330T
Tri-Dim Filter Corporation - 1000057252T
Trilliant Surgical, LLC - 1000077371T
Trilogy MedWaste, Inc. - 2000497944T
Trinity Furniture, Inc. - 2000166092T
Trinity Guardion, Inc. - 2000521436T
Triose, Inc. - 1000162706T
Triple S - 1000162618T
Tronex International, Inc. - 1000001696T
Tru-D SmartUVC, LLC - 1000077372T
Trumpf Medical Systems - 1000162214T
Turbett Surgical, Inc. - 2000374369T
Turn Medical, LLC - 2000463504T
Turtle & Hughes, Inc. - 2000166257T
TVR Communications - 2000163214T
Typenex Medical, LLC - 2000166296T
TZ Medical, Inc. - 1000161930T

This list is updated periodically and is subject to change at any time.

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