Employee Discount Program

Employee Discount Program

Boost company morale by providing Innovatix discounts as an employee benefit

Innovatix offers its members substantial savings through our extensive portfolio of contracted suppliers. Members, in turn, can share the savings by offering discounts on various products and services to their employees–at no cost!

The Innovatix Employee Discount Program (EDP) offers employees of Innovatix members access to the same type of savings available to our member businesses. The program includes discounted pricing on personal employee purchases from over 20 national brands, such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Staples, Hertz, Orkin, and more. (Note eligibility is subject to vendor approval.)

By participating in Innovatix’s Employee Discount Program, your business receives

  • An attractive employee benefit at NO COST to you
  • Savings on employee personal purchases from national brands
  • Employee access to an online Employee Discount Mall
  • Improved company morale and employee loyalty, leading to increased productivity and retention

Employee Discount Mall

As a valued Innovatix member, and through our relationship with Premier, your employees are eligible to access exclusive discounts from a variety of Premier partners and contracted suppliers through convenient online shopping portals. Savings are available on entertainment, travel, gifts, loyalty programs, and much more!

Employee Discount Mall sites include:

Our EDP Coordinators are dedicated to helping your employees get the most out of this rewarding program. Give your employees the advantage of these discounts—contact an EDP Coordinator today or call us at (888) 258-3273.

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