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Products & Services

Achieve and Maintain Your Competitive Advantage with These Smart Solutions

New reimbursement models and performance metrics are driving big changes in healthcare delivery. Pharmacies and non-acute care providers need to keep up with data and reporting requirements while preparing to transition to population health and accountable care. Adapting your business model to the new demands of the healthcare marketplace means investing significant time and resources.

How can healthcare providers succeed day-to-day while staying ahead of the cost curve? Enter Innovatix. As part of our commitment to innovation, we listen to the needs of our members then develop new products and services to help meet them. Our fee-based products and services are designed to address your operations needs without distracting from your main mission: providing high- quality patient care.

Our fee-based products and services include:


  • A robust suite of tools to help non-acute and ancillary care providers prepare for the transition to accountable care.


  • A new, fee-for-service program to support pharmacies that are looking to achieve recognition from various accrediting bodies, including URAC.

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  • Obtain guidance and clarity on specialty pharmacy credentialing and the evolving payer landscape.


  • A Medicare Part D reimbursement solution that supports pharmacies with third-party audits; fraud, waste, and abuse compliance; and prior authorization services.


  • A flexible, fee-for-service program to help healthcare facilities nationwide successfully comply with the new USP standard.


  • The industry’s most complete business analytics tools to help pharmacies ensure that they receive maximum reimbursement on prescription claims.

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