Business Solutions

Business Solutions Portfolio

Robust Equipment, Supply, and Services

Innovatix helps our members lower their total cost of doing business through robust equipment, supply, and service portfolios. Our contracts will help you realize significant savings on a range of product categories, including:

  • Administrative, Financial & Management Services
  • Cardiology
  • Delivery, Shipping & Freight Management Services
  • Facility Management & Maintenance
  • Foodservice Products & Supplies
  • Imaging
  • Information Technology
  • IV Therapy
  • Laboratory
  • Linens, Uniforms & Products
  • Medical Nutrition Products
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Medical Waste Management Services
  • Nursing
  • Office Supplies, Furniture & Technology
  • OR Products & Supplies
  • Rehab Therapy Products & Supplies
  • Rx Support Services
  • Support Services
  • USP 797 Products & Services
  • Women’s & Children’s Products & Supplies
Custom Contracting

While our members have access to over 2,000 contracts through our relationship with Premier, Innovatix goes above and beyond to provide the very products and services our members need. Using member feedback—including input from our Advisory Groups—we continually enhance our portfolio by contracting directly with both local and national suppliers.

Aggregation Projects

Innovatix brings additional value to members by coordinating regional and national aggregation programs or group buys. Moving beyond the typical GPO model, our aggregation projects require a pre-commitment from members in order to secure unique, one-time, significantly discounted pricing on a specific set of products or services. Through our affiliation with Premier, our members also have access to the same group buy opportunities as some of the nation’s largest acute care providers.

Foodservice Program

Innovatix offers one of the most competitive foodservice programs in the industry – providing members with up to 15% in annual savings. With over 160 contracts comprising more than 300,000 products from major manufacturers, our program leads the way in supplying the highest quality products at the lowest price. Additional benefits include guaranteed price protections, simple online ordering, on-time delivery, and a number of financial and menu development tools.

Direct Sourcing Program

Innovatix members have access to a first-of-its-kind direct sourcing program, through S2S Global. By taking links out the supply chain, the program provides members with significant savings on a constantly expanding portfolio of high-quality, most commonly used clinical products, including apparel, diagnostics, gloves, mobility aids, OR products, and orthopedic soft goods.

Online Access to Contract Information

Members have access to the Innovatix and Premier Business Solutions purchasing program through Premier’s Supply Chain Advisor® (SCA). SCA is a Web-based contract catalog and management tool that can help you search contracts, identify saving opportunities, and streamline your supply chain processes.

Supplier Search

Our Medical Surgical Supply/Business Solutions Supplier Index makes it easier than ever to connect the dots to great savings. Use the search to easily identify opportunities to save on the products you buy from the manufacturers you know and trust.

S2S Global - 1000057158S
Sage Products, LLC - P000000214S
Sagent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000001218S
Saince, Inc. - 1000058163S
Salter Labs - 1000123731S
Samsung NeuroLogica Corporation - 1000085359S
Sanara MedTech Inc. - 2000165501S
Sandoz Inc. - 0000000075S
Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC - 0000000128S
Saphena Medical - 1000163333S
Saranas, Inc. - 2000420006S
Sarstedt, Inc. - 1000057254S
SC Johnson Professional USA, Inc. - 1000074551S
Schindler Elevator Corporation - 1000000790S
Schlage Lock Company LLC - 2000134786S
Scientia Vascular, Inc. - 2000455079S
SCONE Medical Solutions Inc. - 2000457925S
Scotsman Ice Systems - 1000162898S
Seabright Healthcare Solutions, LLC - 2000459482S
SeaSpine Sales LLC - 1000163334S
SECA Corporation - 1000061066S
Securisyn Medical, LLC - 2000160675S
Securitas Healthcare LLC - 1000161929S
Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. - 2000160676S
Sensato, Inc. - 2000160771S
Sensimedical LLC - 2000472071S
Seqirus USA Inc. - 1000111113S
Serim Research Corporation - 2000160822S
Shamrock Scientific Specialty Systems, LLC - 1000161762S
Shannon Specialty Floors - 1000086970S
Shared Imaging, LLC - 1000161802S
Shared Service Systems Inc - 2000160909S
Sharp Electronics Corporation - 1000192174S
Shaw Industries, Inc. - 1000000870S
Shockwave Medical, Inc. - 2000160994S
Shorla Oncology Inc. - 2000548149S
Shred America - 2000376323S
Si-Bone Inc. - 2000161036S
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc - 2000161047S
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. - 1000162365S
Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics - 2000161048S
Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. - 1000000642S
Sientra, Inc. - 1000188579S
Signostics, Inc. - 2000161108S
Silentia Inc. - 1000123197S
Silk Road Medical, Inc. - 2000161126S
Silverts Adaptive, LLC - 2000533203S
Sirva Worldwide, Inc. - 1000079850S
Sizewise Rentals - 1000001130S
Sklar Instruments - 1000000824S
Skytron, LLC - 0000000881S
Slate Run Pharmaceuticals - 2000161359S
SLMP, LLC dba StatLab Medical Products - 1000162449S
Sloan Medical - 1000165738S
Smith & Nephew Inc - Endoscopy Division - 0000000646S
Smith & Nephew Inc - Orthopaedic Division - 2000161422S
Smith & Nephew Inc - Wound Management Division - 1000000352S
Smith Drug Company - 1000000229S
Smiths Medical ASD, Inc. - 1000000199S
Sodexo Operations, LLC - 1000162664S
SodexoMagic LLC - 2000435867S
Sofie Co. - 1000119057S
Solaire Medical Storage, LLC dba InnerSpace H.C. - 1000083852S
Sol-Millennium Medical Inc - 2000161546S
Solution Matrix Inc - 1000162290S
Solutions in Critical Care, Inc - 2000378191S
Somerset Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000162666S
Sonepar National Accounts, LLC - 2000517194S
Sonny Merryman, Inc. - 2000161639S
Sourcemark, LLC - 1000063596S
Southworth-Milton, Inc. - 2000365676S
SP Plus Corporation - 1000192165S
Spacelabs Healthcare, L.L.C. - 1000001274S
Spacesaver Corporation - 1000000364S
Spartan Chemical Co Inc - 1000001840S
Spearpoint Logistics LLC - 2000460579S
Special-T, LLC - 2000453442S
SpecialtyCare Inc. - 1000070452S
Spectranetics Corporation - 2000161936S
SpendMend LLC - 1000162705S
Sprint Solutions, Inc - 1000001092S
Stance Healthcare Inc. - 1000158704S
Standard Bariatrics, Inc. - 2000162151S
Standard Textile Co., Inc. - 1000162170S
Staples Contract & Commercial LLC - 2000163486S
Staples, Inc. - 0000001019S
Steelcase Inc. - 1000000854S
Stericycle, Inc. - 1000001361S
Steris Corporation - 1000000814S
STERIS Instrument Management Services, Inc. - 1000001332S
Sterling Readiness Rounds, L.L.C. - 2000527139S
StimLabs LLC - 2000162409S
Stoney Croft Converters, Inc. dba All-Tek Labeling Systems - 2000134503S
Strands Of Faith, LLC - 2000574773S
Strategic Audit Solutions - 1000114215S
Stryker Corporation - 1000161996S
Stryker Sales, LLC - 2000572129S
Stryker Sales, LLC dba Stryker Communications - 2000162530S
Stryker Sales, LLC dba Stryker Craniomaxillofacial - 1000001116S
Stryker Sales, LLC dba Stryker Endoscopy - 1000001172S
Stryker Sales, LLC dba Stryker Instruments - 1000001316S
Stryker Sales, LLC dba Stryker Medical - 1000001108S
Stryker Sales, LLC dba Stryker Neurovascular - 2000162532S
Stryker Sustainability Solutions, Inc. - 1000001211S
Subtle Medical, Inc. - 2000478312S
Sun Communications, Inc. - 1000077363S
Sun Nuclear Corporation - 2000162628S
Sun Print Management, LLC - 2000396750S
Sunburst Workforce Advisors, LLC - 2000552863S
SunMed Group Holdings, LLC dba Airlife - 1000123207S
Sunoptic Technologies LLC - 1000162612S
Sunset Healthcare Solutions, Inc. - 2000162677S, LLC - 2000162763s
Surfacide, LLC - 1000077367S
Surgical Product Solutions LLC - 2000162849S
Surgical Solutions LLC - 2000162857S
Surgical Specialties Corporation - 1000001561S
Surgio Health - 2000455068S
SurModics, Inc. - 2000162783S
Swisslog Healthcare - 1000001101S
Symmetry Surgical - 1000001367S
SYNERGEN Health LLC - 2000565672S
Synergy Biologics, LLC - 2000435459S
Sysmex America, Inc. - 1000000647S

This list is updated periodically and is subject to change at any time.

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