Business Solutions

Business Solutions Portfolio

Robust Equipment, Supply, and Services

Innovatix helps our members lower their total cost of doing business through robust equipment, supply, and service portfolios. Our contracts will help you realize significant savings on a range of product categories, including:

  • Administrative, Financial & Management Services
  • Cardiology
  • Delivery, Shipping & Freight Management Services
  • Facility Management & Maintenance
  • Foodservice Products & Supplies
  • Imaging
  • Information Technology
  • IV Therapy
  • Laboratory
  • Linens, Uniforms & Products
  • Medical Nutrition Products
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Medical Waste Management Services
  • Nursing
  • Office Supplies, Furniture & Technology
  • OR Products & Supplies
  • Rehab Therapy Products & Supplies
  • Rx Support Services
  • Support Services
  • USP 797 Products & Services
  • Women’s & Children’s Products & Supplies
Custom Contracting

While our members have access to over 2,000 contracts through our relationship with Premier, Innovatix goes above and beyond to provide the very products and services our members need. Using member feedback—including input from our Advisory Groups—we continually enhance our portfolio by contracting directly with both local and national suppliers.

Aggregation Projects

Innovatix brings additional value to members by coordinating regional and national aggregation programs or group buys. Moving beyond the typical GPO model, our aggregation projects require a pre-commitment from members in order to secure unique, one-time, significantly discounted pricing on a specific set of products or services. Through our affiliation with Premier, our members also have access to the same group buy opportunities as some of the nation’s largest acute care providers.

Foodservice Program

Innovatix offers one of the most competitive foodservice programs in the industry – providing members with up to 15% in annual savings. With over 160 contracts comprising more than 300,000 products from major manufacturers, our program leads the way in supplying the highest quality products at the lowest price. Additional benefits include guaranteed price protections, simple online ordering, on-time delivery, and a number of financial and menu development tools.

Direct Sourcing Program

Innovatix members have access to a first-of-its-kind direct sourcing program, through S2S Global. By taking links out the supply chain, the program provides members with significant savings on a constantly expanding portfolio of high-quality, most commonly used clinical products, including apparel, diagnostics, gloves, mobility aids, OR products, and orthopedic soft goods.

Online Access to Contract Information

Members have access to the Innovatix and Premier Business Solutions purchasing program through Premier’s Supply Chain Advisor® (SCA). SCA is a Web-based contract catalog and management tool that can help you search contracts, identify saving opportunities, and streamline your supply chain processes.

Supplier Search

Our Medical Surgical Supply/Business Solutions Supplier Index makes it easier than ever to connect the dots to great savings. Use the search to easily identify opportunities to save on the products you buy from the manufacturers you know and trust.

CAE Healthcare, Inc. - 2000143961C
Cagent Vascular, Inc. - 2000488593C
Caldera Medical, Inc. - 2000144059C
Calico Care LLC - 2000552220C
Camber Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000001468C
Camfil USA, Inc - 1000083350C
Canon Medical Systems, USA, Inc. - 1000001638C
Canon Solutions America, Inc. - 2000144318C
Canon U.S.A., Inc. - 2000144357C
Canviiy, LLC. - 2000561695C
Capital Inventory, Inc. - 1000162086C
Capital Management Solutions, Inc. - 2000144202C
CarboFix Orthopedics, Inc. - 2000144243C
Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc. - 2000144247C
Carco Group, Inc. DBA PreCheck - 1000050335C
Cardiac Insight, Inc. - 2000144260C
Cardinal Health 105, Inc. dba Specialty Pharmaceutical Services - 1000070085C
Cardinal Health 200, LLC - 1000000592C
Cardinal Health 414, LLC - 2000144272C
Cardinal Health P.R. 120, Inc. - 1000000887C
Cardiobra LLC - 2000406297C
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. - 2000144405C
Care Line, Inc. - 1000001264C
CareAline Products, LLC - 2000144420C
CareExpand LLC - 2000478657C
CareFusion 2200, Inc. - 1000162433C
CareFusion 303, Inc. - 1000055787C
CareFusion, Inc. - 1000161874C
Caresfield, LLC - 1000192169C
Caresimple Inc. - 2000504810C
Carestream Health, Inc. - 1000162652C
CareView Communications, Inc. - 2000144429C
Carl Sunser Energy Management Consultant - 2000144463C
Carl Zeiss Meditec USA, Inc. - 2000474170C
Carlisle Foodservice Products - 1000001007C
Carolina Narrow Fabric Company - 1000195224C
Carolon Company - 1000161914C
Carousel Industries Of North America, Inc. - 2000144523C
Carrier Corporation - 1000161846C
Carrier Enterprise, LLC - 2000492795C
Cascade Asset Management, LLC - 1000059913C
Case Medical, Inc. - 1000000841C
Casino Security Corporation - 1000063864C
CDW - 1000000595C
Cedar Cares, Inc. - 2000519392C
Ceek Women's Health, Inc. - 2000367192C
Ceiba Healthcare US Inc. - 2000144675C
Celularity Functional Regeneration LLC - 1000184713C
Censis Technologies, Inc. - 2000144726C
CenTrak, Inc - 1000106211C
Central Point Partners, LLC - 2000400393C
Centric Business Systems - 2000144787C
Centurion Service Group, LLC - 1000001137C
Cepheid - 1000162492C
Cerapedics Inc. - 1000116065C
CertainTeed Ceilings Corporation - 1000109272C
Cesar Castillo Inc - 1000000999C
CETRA, INC. - 2000485607C
Chameleon Corporation Inc. - 1000148255C
Change Healthcare Technologies, LLC - 2000464750C
Chase Transcriptions, Inc. - 1000086042C
Chem-Aqua, Inc. - 1000001386C
Chemstar WATER - 2000154185C
ChemTreat, Inc. - 1000117913C
Chiesi USA, Inc - 1000000895C
Choice Energy Services Retail, LP - 2000138209C
Christie Medical Holdings, Inc. - 1000162574C
CHS USA Inc. - 2000562170C
Cintas Corporation No. 2 - 1000000598C
Circa Scientific, Inc. - 1000148260C
Circle Logistics Inc. - 2000433878C
Civco Medical Solutions - 2000138334C
Clarius Mobile Health Corp. - 2000138991C
Clean D Windows LLC - 2000502270C
Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. - 1000162390C
Clean Rooms International, Inc. - 2000138421C
Cleanis Inc. - 1000122464C
CleanSpace Americas, Inc. - 2000566964C
Clear Method Resource Group - 2000432669C
ClearFlow, Inc. - 1000170470C
Clinical Innovations, LLC - 1000000865C
Clozex Medical, Inc. - 2000138534C
CM Technologies, Inc. dba Consure Medical - 1000158696C
CMF Medicon Surgical Inc. - 2000143782C
Cochlear Americas - 1000109275C
Cognosos, Inc. - 2000491587C
Coloplast Corp. - 1000161810C
Concordance Healthcare Solutions LLC - 1000115286C
ConforMIS, Inc. - 2000139118C
Conmed Corporation - 1000000274C
Conmed Linvatec - 1000001312C
Connetics Communications, LLC - 2000502268C
Consolidated Hospitality Supplies, LLC - 2000527135C
Construction Specialties, Inc. - 2000139178C
Consulting And Testing Services, Inc. - 2000484719C
Contec, Inc. - 1000162469C
Contract Specialists International, Inc. - 2000616956C
Controlled Power Company - 2000532486C
ConvaTec Inc - 1000161773C
Cook Medical LLC - 1000000976C
Corcym Inc. - 2000537255C
Cordis US Corp. - 2000139350C
CORE Linen Services Inc. - 2000517226C
Corporate Screening Services LLC - 2000139430C
Corstrata, Inc. - 2000576876C
Corza Medical Inc. - 2000527199C
Courier Express, Inc. - 2000518561C
Covalon Technologies AG Ltd. - 2000139686C
Covidien Sales LLC - 1000161980C
CPS Payment Services, LLC dba Repay - 1000175669C
Craneware, Inc. - 1000057227C
Crayon Software Experts LLC - 2000540671C
Creative Graphics Management, Inc - 1000170464C
Crescent Electric Supply Company - 1000118482C
Crest Electronics, Inc. dba Crest Healthcare Supply - 2000139605C
Crown Health Care Laundry Services, LLC - 2000520845C
Curium US LLC - 2000139832C
Current Carrier Corp. dba NOW Delivery - 2000600048C
Currie Medical Specialties - 2000574681C
Currie Medical Specialties, Inc. - 1000192173C
Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services, LLC - 1000106992C
Cygnus Medical L.L.C. - 2000139909C
Cynet Systems Inc - 1000172633C

This list is updated periodically and is subject to change at any time.

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