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Pharmacy Solutions Portfolio

Achieve savings while improving patient care

Benefit from our enterprising collection of pharmacy solutions, and achieve significant savings while improving patient care.

Contract Portfolio

Innovatix’s portfolio of pharmacy contracts covers more than 180 pharmaceutical suppliers and over 15,000 products, including branded and generic pharmaceuticals, compounding products, diabetic supplies, and over-the-counter medications. See our pharmaceutical suppliers.

Vaccine Purchasing Program

Innovatix offers a comprehensive contract portfolio of adult and pediatric vaccine products as well as access to a seasonal flu vaccine program. Members receive favorable pricing and payment terms as well as rebates on a full range of vaccines from the nation’s leading manufacturers.

IVIG/Plasma Blood Program

Innovatix delivers the most inclusive intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) and fractionated blood product portfolio serving the non-acute care marketplace. Working in conjunction with FFF Enterprises, our distributor in blood products, Innovatix members have access to limited-supply products to meet patient needs.

Product Access Program

Innovatix members have access to an industry-leading product access program, PremierProRx®, a response to the increased number of drug shortages. The program offers proven savings to our members and security in the distribution supply chain for generic pharmaceuticals.

Online Catalog

Our electronic catalog is available at all times on our member portal. It provides members with pricing information, rebate availability, eligibility status, and pre-populated paperwork for all of Innovatix’s pharmacy contracts.

Supplier Search

Our Pharmacy Supplier Index makes it easier than ever to connect the dots to great savings. Use the search to easily identify opportunities to save on the products and services you buy from the manufacturers you know and trust.

AbbVie US LLC - 0000000001A
Accord BioPharma, Inc. - 2000396272A
Accord Healthcare Inc - 1000162016A
Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC - 1000162596A
AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc - 1000184517A
Acrotech Biopharma, LLC - 2000133848A
Action Health - 1000000257A
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals - 1000001088A
Adapt Pharma - 1000106205A
ADMA Biologics, Inc. - 1000001362A
Advantice Health, LLC - 1000107594A
Akorn Inc - 0000000003A
Alcon Vision, LLC - 1000000889A
Alcresta Therapeutics, Inc. - 2000134440A
Alembic Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000086160A
Alkermes Inc - 1000001734A
Allegis Pharmaceuticals, LLC - 2000134749A
Allergan USA Inc - 1000000305A
Alliance Laboratories - 1000162818A
Almaject, Inc. - 2000134811A
Almatica Pharma Inc - 1000162375A
Alvogen, Inc - 1000162459A
AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000162472A
American Health Packaging - 1000161754A
American Regent, Inc. - 0000000008A
AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation - 1000000500A
Amgen Inc. - 0000000009A
Amneal Pharmaceuticals, LLC - 1000000287A
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 0000000087A
Amring Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000106206A
ANI Pharmaceuticals - 1000001215A
Apollo Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. - 2000135997A
Apotex Corp. - 1000000891A
Arbor Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000162037A
Areva Pharmaceuticals - 1000059191A
Aseptic Enclosures - 1000110519A
Astellas Pharma US, Inc. - 0000000068A
Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP - 1000161766A
Athenex Pharmaceutical Division - 1000123193A
Attain Med, Inc - 1000158700A
Aurobindo Pharma Usa, Inc. - 1000000775A
AuroMedics Pharma LLC - 1000162866A
Avadel Legacy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000162411A
AvKARE, LLC. - 1000162597A
Baker Company, The - 1000001103B
Baudax Bio, Inc. - 2000402676B
Bausch Health US, LLC - 1000048037B
Bavarian Nordic, Inc. - 2000423359B
Baxalta US Inc. - 0000000084B
Baxter Healthcare Corporation - 0000000020B
Baxter Healthcare Corporation - 1000057134B
Baxter Healthcare Corporation - 1000161739B
Baxter Healthcare Corporation - 1000170452B
Bayer HealthCare - 1000161743B
Bayshore Pharmaceuticals LLC - 1000073126B
BE Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 2000136633B
Becton, Dickinson and Company - 1000161746B
Benuvia Therapeutics Inc. - 2000379542B
Besse Medical - 1000000929B
Beutlich Pharmaceuticals, LLC - 0000000028B
Bio Products Laboratory - 1000162501B
Biocare - 1000166454B
BioComp Pharma Inc - 1000002205B
BioDelivery Sciences International Inc. - 1000076946B
Bionpharma, Inc. - 1000104575B
Birchwood Laboratories Inc - P000000186B
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 0000000033B
BPI Labs, LLC - 1000079848B
Braintree Laboratories Inc - 0000000034B
Breckenridge Pharmaceutical Inc. - 1000000323B
Bristol Myers Squibb US Pharm - 0000000647B
BTG International Inc. - 2000137110B
Cameron Pharmaceuticals, LLC. - 1000117788C
Cangene bioPharma - 1000162099C
Capital Inventory, Inc. - 1000162086C
Cardinal Health 200, LLC - 1000000592C
Cardinal Health 414, LLC - 2000144272C
Cardinal Health P.R. 120, Inc. - 1000000887C
Cardinal Health Speciality Pharmaceutical Services - 1000070085C
CareFusion Solutions, Inc. - 1000162540C
Carolina Medical Products Company - 0000000037C
Carter-Health Disposables, LLC - 1000079803C
Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc. - 1000058994C
Cesar Castillo Inc - 1000000999C
Cetylite Ind, Inc. - 1000001310C
Chiesi USA, Inc - 1000000895C
Cipla USA, Inc - 1000078666C
Circassia Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000181724C
Coherus BioSciences - 1000154653C
ConsortiEX Inc. - 1000158697C
Contec, Inc. - 1000162469C
Cosette Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000195175C
Covidien Sales LLC - 1000161980C
Covis Pharmaceuticals - 1000162840C
CSL Behring - 1000162219C
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000072203C
CutisPharma, Inc. - 1000162626C
Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. - 1000000861D
Dakota Drug, Inc. - 1000162765D
DASH Pharmaceuticals LLC - 1000076474D
Digi SmartSense, LLC - 1000118477D
DMS Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. - 1000000367D
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Inc. - 1000000986D
Drogueria Betances, Inc. - 1000001121D
Dynavax Technologies Corporation - 1000163253D
Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc - 1000075693E
ECI Pharmaceuticals - 1000070392E
Edenbridge Pharmaceuticals LLC - 1000161817E
Eisai Corporation Of North America - 1000000362E
Eli Lilly and Company - 0000000058E
Elkay Plastics Co., Inc. - 1000001235E
Emergent Travel Health Inc. - 1000084530E
Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc - 0000000059E
Epic Pharma, LLC - 1000162668E
Eton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 2000368033E
Exela Pharma Sciences, LLC - 1000077360E
Fagron US - 1000123200F
Ferndale Laboratories, Inc. - 0000000707F
Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 0000000064F
FFF Enterprises - 1000166413F
Focus Health Group - 1000162478F
Fresenius Kabi - 1000161756F
G & W Laboratories Inc - 0000000069G
Galen US Inc. - 1000058262G
GenDose Pharmaceuticals - 1000118958G
Genentech USA Inc - 0000000074G
Gensco Laboratories - 1000069282G
Genus Lifesciences - 1000162084G
Geritrex, LLC - 0000000077G
GlaxoSmithKline Inc. - 0000000078G
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA - 1000001365G
Greenstone LLC - 1000000507G
Grifols Biological, Inc. - 0000000007G
GSK Consumer - 1000114217G
H D Smith, LLC - 1000166414H
Halozyme Therapeutics - 1000047983H
Harris Pharmaceutical Inc - 1000162267H
HealthConnexx, LLC - 1000123195H
Helmer, Inc. - 1000001272H
Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.) - 1000118745H
Henry Schein, Inc. - 1000000192H
Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000001329H
Heron Therapeutics, Inc. - 1000118798H
Hikma Pharmaceutical USA Inc. - 1000000310H
HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc - 1000162807H
Hub Pharmaceuticals, LLC - 1000162118H
Humco - 0000000083H
IBSA Pharma Inc - 2000147979I
i-Health, Inc - 1000056953i
Ingenus Pharmaceuticals, LLC - 1000162340I
Inmar Rx Solutions, Inc. - 1000000659I
J.A.R. Laboratories - 2000154506J
JM Blanco Inc - 1000001563J
Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc. - 1000000195J
K2 Scientific - 2000154992K
Kadmon Pharmaceuticals, LLC - 2000155065K
Kedrion BioPharma Inc - 1000162121K
Kerr Prescription Packaging - 1000000657K
Kit Check, Inc - 1000072658K
Konsyl Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 0000000709K
Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc - 1000070078K
KVK-Tech, Inc. - 1000001350K
Lannett Company, Inc. - 1000000731L
Leadiant Biosciences, Inc. - 1000161763L
Leiters Health - 1000180497L
Leucadia Pharmaceuticals - 1000150792L
Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000001355L
Major Pharmaceuticals - 0000000096M
Marlex Pharmaceuticals, Inc - 1000161750M
Mayne Pharma - 0000000063M
McKesson Corporation - 0000000369M
McKesson Medical Surgical - 1000059077M
McKesson Packaging - 1000000240M
McKesson Pharmaceutical - 1000000773M
Medefil, Inc. - 1000000862M
Medical Technology Associates, Inc - 1000162442M
Medicines Company, The - 1000001410M
Medicure Pharma, Inc. - 1000001349M
Medique Products - 1000161909M
Medline Industries, Inc. - 1000161752M
MedShorts LLC - 1000172414M
Medtech Products Inc - 1000001029M
Meitheal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000141565M
Melinta Therapeutics, Inc. - 1000144204M
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp - 0000000104M
Methapharm, Inc. - 1000000336M
Mission Pharmacal Company - 1000000530M
Mist Pharmaceuticals - 1000085353M
Morris & Dickson Co., Ltd. - 1000166417M
Mylan Institutional - 1000162422M
Mylan Specialty LP - 0000000049M
Mylan, Inc. - 0000000107M
Neopharma, Inc - 2000152827N
Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp. - 1000000334N
Nexus Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000161837N
Niche Pharmaceuticals Inc - 0000000108N
Nivagen Pharmaceuticals, Inc - 1000079335N
Novadoz Pharmaceuticals LLC - 1000185649N
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. - 0000000040N
Novitium Pharma LLC - 2000154081N
Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 0000000111N
Nuaire, Inc. - 1000162891N
Octapharma USA Inc - 1000000785O
Omnicell, Inc. - 1000000630O
ONY Pharmaceuticals - 1000162880O
Optinose US, Inc. - 2000154049O
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc - 1000000572O
OWP Pharmaceuticals - 1000105517O
Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. - 1000161738P
Par Sterile Products, LLC - 1000001256P
Parata Systems - 1000001353P
Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 2000156660P
Partner Therapeutics, Inc. - 2000156763P
Patrin Pharma Inc - 1000162141P
Patriot Pharmaceuticals LLC - 1000001055P
Pearson Medical Technologies - 1000162049P
Perrigo Co. - 0000000042P
Pfizer (Brand) - 1000166747P
Pfizer (Generic) - 1000166748P
Pharma Logistics - 1000166445P
Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc. - 0000000713P
Pharmco-Aaper - P000000181P
PipelineRx - 1000147000P
Piramal Healthcare - 1000162283P
Plus Pharma Inc - 1000162140P
Portola Pharmaceutical, Inc - 1000144205P
Prasco Laboratories - 1000000751P
Precision Dose, Inc. - 1000000525P
Procter & Gamble - 1000172619P
Purdue Pharma LP - 1000161830P
QuVa Pharma, Inc. - 1000180498Q
R D Plastics Company, Inc. - 0000000963R
R&S Northeast LLC - 1000166423R
Rare Disease Therapeutics Inc - 2000159125R
RB Health (US) LLC - 1000000540R
Reliable-1 Laboratories - 1000094955R
Rhodes Pharmaceuticals - 1000161882R
Rising Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000000788R
Safecor Health - 1000162667S
Sage Therapeutics - 2000159830S
Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000001218S
Sandoz Inc. - 0000000075S
Sanofi Aventis - 0000000128S
Sanofi Pasteur - 0000000044S
SCA Tissue North America - 1000000831S
SCILEX Pharmaceuticals Inc. - 2000160547S
Seacoast Medical - 1000001666S
Sebela Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000068269S
SensoScientific Inc - 1000162507S
Seqirus USA, Inc. - 1000111113S
Seton Pharmaceuticals - 1000162202S
Sigmapharm Laboratories - 1000002195S
Silvergate Pharmaceuticals - 1000070128S
Sk Life Science Inc - 2000365855S
Slate Run Pharmaceuticals - 2000161359S
Slayback Pharma LLC - 2000161361S
Smith & Nephew Inc - Biotherapeutics - 1000000311S
Smith Drug Company - 1000000229S
Solco Healthcare US, LLC - 1000162585S
Somerset Pharma, LLC. - 2000161614S
SpecGx LLC - 1000057125S
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals - 1000162512S
SterRx - 1000123194S
STI Pharma, LLC - 2000159702S
Stratus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000162017S
Strides Pharma - 1000074428S
Sun Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd. - 1000161958S
Sunovion - 1000162691S
Swisslog Healthcare - 1000001101S
Syft - 2000162970S
TAGI Pharma - 1000162190T
Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc. - 1000000309T
Taro Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. - 1000161732T
Technical Safety Services - 1000161851T
Teligent, Inc. - 1000059625T
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000193817T
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (Brand) - 0000006047T
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (Brand) - 1000168223T
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (Generic) - 0000000094T
The Forerunner Group, LLC - 1000114219T
The Ritedose Corporation - 1000055664T
Tolmar Pharmaceuticals, Inc - 1000073538T
TraceLink Inc. - 1000116071T
TWi Pharmaceuticals USA - 1000083823T
UCB Pharma, Inc. - 1000000360U
Ultra Pure, LLC - 1000162371U
Unichem Pharmaceuticals USA Inc - 1000067357U
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc. - 1000161737U
US Worldmeds, LLC - 1000001418U
Value Drug Company - 0000001022V
VaxServe, Inc - 1000070079V
Veloxis Pharmaceuticals - 1000106547V
Verity Pharmaceuticals Inc. - 2000414683V
Virtus Pharmaceuticals, LLC - 1000162824V
Vistapharm - 1000000303V
WG Critical Care, LLC - 1000162789W
Winfield Laboratories, Inc. - 1000001217W
Xellia Pharmacueticals USA, LLC - 1000171081X
X-GEN Pharmaceuticals Inc. - 0000000120X
Xiromed, LLC - 2000367194X
Zimmer Biomet - 1000000771Z
Zydus Pharmaceuticals USA Inc - 1000161796Z

This list is updated periodically and is subject to change at any time.

Looking for a vendor that is not on this list? Let us know!