Why Innovatix?

Why Innovatix?

At Innovatix, we maintain an unrelenting focus
on outcomes beyond cost reduction

At Innovatix, our members are our top priority. We offer the following benefits:


A leading group purchasing portfolio
  • Industry-specific, extensive contract portfolio with more than 2,000 contracts
  • Diversified membership
  • Supplier base of 900+ industry-leading suppliers
  • Savings built on $44 billion in purchasing volume power


Multi-tiered customer support
  • Field-based Regional Managers combined with a corporate customer service team who evaluate our members’ unique needs and provide solutions tailored for success
  • Dedicated Contracting and Auditing teams track pricing accuracy and contract compliance, ensuring that members get the discounted pricing they deserve
  • Complimentary analysis of our members’ purchasing history to identify areas of potential savings


Our commitment to ethics and business transparency
  • Staff trained, audited annually on ethics compliance
  • Our self-imposed Code of Conduct reinforces our commitment to delivering member value
  • Annual reports detail each member’s spending with our program and the associated fees we earned from suppliers


HGPII Verified

Innovatix is the only non-acute care GPO member of the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII). At its founding, the HGPII established six core principles of ethics and business conduct, and closely monitors actual practices to ensure commitment to those principles. The principles require each participant, including Innovatix, to:

  1. Have and adhere to a written code of business conduct. The code establishes the high ethical values expected for everyone in the organization.
  2. Train all in the organization about their personal responsibilities under the code.
  3. Work toward the twin goals of high-quality healthcare and cost effectiveness.
  4. Work toward an open and competitive purchasing process, free of conflicts of interest and undue influences.
  5. Have the responsibility to each other to share best practices in implementing the principles; each signatory, including Innovatix, must participate in an annual Best Practices Forum.
  6. Be accountable to the public.

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