Business Solutions

Business Solutions Portfolio

Robust Equipment, Supply, and Services

Innovatix helps our members lower their total cost of doing business through robust equipment, supply, and service portfolios. Our contracts will help you realize significant savings on a range of product categories, including:

  • Administrative, Financial & Management Services
  • Cardiology
  • Delivery, Shipping & Freight Management Services
  • Facility Management & Maintenance
  • Foodservice Products & Supplies
  • Imaging
  • Information Technology
  • IV Therapy
  • Laboratory
  • Linens, Uniforms & Products
  • Medical Nutrition Products
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Medical Waste Management Services
  • Nursing
  • Office Supplies, Furniture & Technology
  • OR Products & Supplies
  • Rehab Therapy Products & Supplies
  • Rx Support Services
  • Support Services
  • USP 797 Products & Services
  • Women’s & Children’s Products & Supplies
Custom Contracting

While our members have access to over 2,000 contracts through our relationship with Premier, Innovatix goes above and beyond to provide the very products and services our members need. Using member feedback—including input from our Advisory Groups—we continually enhance our portfolio by contracting directly with both local and national suppliers.

Aggregation Projects

Innovatix brings additional value to members by coordinating regional and national aggregation programs or group buys. Moving beyond the typical GPO model, our aggregation projects require a pre-commitment from members in order to secure unique, one-time, significantly discounted pricing on a specific set of products or services. Through our affiliation with Premier, our members also have access to the same group buy opportunities as some of the nation’s largest acute care providers.

Foodservice Program

Innovatix offers one of the most competitive foodservice programs in the industry – providing members with up to 15% in annual savings. With over 160 contracts comprising more than 300,000 products from major manufacturers, our program leads the way in supplying the highest quality products at the lowest price. Additional benefits include guaranteed price protections, simple online ordering, on-time delivery, and a number of financial and menu development tools.

Direct Sourcing Program

Innovatix members have access to a first-of-its-kind direct sourcing program, through S2S Global. By taking links out the supply chain, the program provides members with significant savings on a constantly expanding portfolio of high-quality, most commonly used clinical products, including apparel, diagnostics, gloves, mobility aids, OR products, and orthopedic soft goods.

Online Access to Contract Information

Members have access to the Innovatix and Premier Business Solutions purchasing program through Premier’s Supply Chain Advisor® (SCA). SCA is a Web-based contract catalog and management tool that can help you search contracts, identify saving opportunities, and streamline your supply chain processes.

Supplier Search

Our Medical Surgical Supply/Business Solutions Supplier Index makes it easier than ever to connect the dots to great savings. Use the search to easily identify opportunities to save on the products you buy from the manufacturers you know and trust.

2G Medical, LLC. - 10001633262
2ndGear LLC - 20003665342
3M Company - 10000005773
3M Health Information Systems - 10000007783
410 Medical, Inc - 20001419274
4WEB Medical, Inc. - 20001419354
A&E Medical Corporation - 1000188584A
AAF International - 1000000578A
Abbott Laboratories, Inc. - 1000000580A
Abbott Molecular Inc - 2000133571A
Abbott Nutrition - 1000162154A
Abbott Vascular Devices - 1000000736A
AbbVie US LLC - 0000000001A
Accu-Tech Corporation - 1000195229A
Accutrace, Inc - 1000158701A
AccuVein LLC - 1000162588A
ACell Inc. - 1000077724A
Achieve Health Management LLC - 2000407177A
Acist Medical Systems - 1000109270A
Acquire Med LLC - 1000163341A
Acumed - 2000133724A
Acusis LLC - 1000058161A
Adhezion Biomedical, LLC - 1000057201A
Adroit Medical Systems Inc - 1000001263A
Advance Medical Designs, Inc. - 1000161780A
Advanced Sterilization Products Services Inc. - 2000134132A
Advanced Sterilization Products Services Inc. - 2000321039A
Advanced Vascular Dynamics - 1000075051A
AeroScout, LLC - 1000161929A
Aesculap, Inc. - 1000000928A
Afflink, Inc. - 1000000906A
Agfa Healthcare Corporation - 1000000674A
Agiliti Health, Inc. - 1000000817A
AGS Health, Inc. - 2000142305A
Airgas, Inc. - 1000000679A
Airpal Inc - 1000165739A
Airspace Technologies, Inc. - 2000134252A
AirSupply Tools, Inc - 1000118473A
Alimed, Inc. - 1000163349A
Alkermes Inc - 1000001734A
Allcare, Inc. - 1000162605A
Allen Medical Systems, Inc. - 2000134538A
Allergan USA Inc - 1000000305A
Alliant Healthcare - 1000001918A
Allseating Corporation - 1000076719A
Allsteel, Inc. - 2000134758A
Altus Industries, Inc. - 2000134835A
Ambu, Inc. - 1000000718A
Amcase, Inc. - 2000134885A
AMD Medicom Inc. - 2000151536A
Amd-Ritmed, Inc. - 1000001239A
American Contract Systems - 1000070083A
American Dawn Inc - 1000162183A
American Diagnostic Corp. - 1000170479A
American Express Company - 1000086981A
American Green Technology, Inc. - 1000154633A
American Hotel Register Company - 1000162792A
American Medical Depot - 1000161936A
American Office Products Distributors - 1000162751A
American Regent, Inc. - 0000000008A
American Solutions For Business - 1000058993A
Americo Manufacturing Co., LLC - 2000135204A
AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation - 1000000500A
Amgen Inc. - 0000000009A
Amico Corporation - 1000001625A
AMN Healthcare, Inc. - 1000162162A
Amneal Biosciences, LLC - 1000108860A
Amniox Medical, Inc. - 1000154641A
Amoena - 1000170475A
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 0000000087A
AMPM Facility Services - 2000368939A
Amring Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000106206A
Amsino International, Inc - 1000000880A
Andover Healthcare Inc - 1000162543A
Angiodynamics Inc - 1000162911A
Ansell Healthcare Products Inc - 1000161776A
AnswerNet - 2000135413A
Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. - 1000080439A
Applied Medical Resources Corporation - 1000161932A
Aramark Uniform and Career Apparel - 1000061065A
Arc Medical - 1000170482A
Archis Pharma LLC - 2000135699A
Arjo Inc. - 1000162297A
Arkray USA - 1000001458A
ARMCO Partners, LLC - 2000394510A
Armstrong Flooring, Inc. - 1000114218A
Armstrong Fluid Technology - 2000136532A
Armstrong Relocation - 1000162222A
Armstrong World Industries, Inc. - 1000001258A
Arrow International Inc - 1000000981A
Artelon, LLC. - 1000163336A
Artemax - 1000154630A
ARUP Laboratories - 1000001568A
Asahi Intecc USA - 1000170473A
Aspen Surgical Products, Inc. - 1000000911A
ASSA ABLOY Sales and Marketing Group, Inc - 1000175660A
AT&T Mobility National Accounts, LLC - 1000162265A
Atlas Van Lines, Inc. - 1000001283A
Atom Medical USA, LLC - 1000084531A
Attain Med, Inc - 1000158700A
Augustine Temperature Management - 1000162848A
Automated HealthCare Solutions, LLC - 2000401406A
Avadim Technologies - 1000151155A
Avancen MOD Corporation - 1000163342A
Avanir Pharmaceuticals - 1000162277A
Avanos Medical, Inc. - 1000084532A
AxisCare Health Logistics, Inc. - 1000175665A
Azer Scientific - 1000105604A
Aziyo Biologics - 2000136391A
B Medical Systems North America LLC - 2000136412B
B. Braun Interventional Systems Inc. - 2000136432B
B. Braun Medical, Inc. - 1000000669B
Bacterin International Inc - 1000057212B
Balance Vibration Technologies, Inc. - 2000136712B
Bama-Bio Tech Corporation - 2000426961B
Bamko, LLC - 2000433687B
Bard Access System - 1000000586B
Bard Medical Division - 1000161889B
Bard Peripheral Vascular Inc - 1000000900B
Bardy Diagnostics, Inc. - 2000137120B
Bausch Health US, LLC - 1000048037B
Baxter Healthcare Corporation - 0000000020B
Baxter Healthcare Corporation - 1000057134B
Baxter Healthcare Corporation - 1000161739B
Baxter Healthcare Corporation - 1000185650B
Bayer HealthCare - 1000161743B
Beaver Visitec International Inc - 1000162877B
Beckman Coulter Inc - 1000000588B
Becton Dickinson - 2000136959B
Becton, Dickinson and Company - 1000161746B
Belimed, Inc. - 1000001372B
Beltmann Integrated Logistics - 1000077721B
Benjamin Moore & Company - 1000175662B
Berry and Homer - 2000137241B
Besse Medical - 1000000929B
Best Medical International, Inc. - 1000162604B
Betco - 1000154626B
Biocare - 1000166454B
BioFire Diagnostics, LLC - 2000137451B
bioMerieux, Inc. - 1000000589b
Bio-Rad Laboratories - 1000000974B
Biotronik, Inc. - 1000000982B
Bioventus LLC - 1000059140B
Biovigil Healthcare Systems, Inc. - 1000058142B
Blickman Industries - 1000078337B
Blue Ridge X-Ray Co Inc - 1000086060B
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 0000000033B
Boehringer Laboratories, LLC - 1000115291B
Boss Instruments, Ltd. - 2000137976B
Boston Scientific Corporation - 1000000872B
Bracco Diagnostics, Inc. - 0000000173B
Brasseler U.S.A., LLC. - 1000001298B
Breg, Inc - 1000085361B
BrightView Landscapes, LLC - 1000079849B
BSN Medical, Inc. - 1000000812B
Buckeye International, Inc. - 1000163347B
Buffalo Hospital Supply - 1000001093B
BuildingLogiX, Inc. - 2000143527B
Busse Hospital Disposables - 0000001187B
BVK Direct - 1000001309B
CAE Healthcare - 2000143961C
Calderon Textiles, LLC - 1000170476C
Camfil USA, Inc - 1000083350C
Cancer Diagnostics, Inc. - 2000144158C
Canon Medical Systems, USA, Inc. - 1000001638C
Canon USA Inc - 2000144357C
Cardinal Health - 2000144268C
Cardinal Health 200, LLC - 1000000592C
Cardinal Health 211 For Temp Premier Alt Sites Only - 1000166411C
Cardinal Health 414, LLC - 2000144272C
Cardinal Health P.R. 120, Inc. - 1000000887C
Cardinal Health Speciality Pharmaceutical Services - 1000070085C
Care Line, Inc. - 1000001264C
CareandWear II, Inc. - 1000163335C
CareFusion 211, Inc. - 1000162660C
CareFusion 213, LLC - 1000162816C
CareFusion 2200, Inc. - 1000162433C
CareFusion 303, Inc. - 1000055787C
CareFusion, Inc. - 1000161874C
CarePICS - 1000163324C
Carestream Health Inc - 1000162652C
Carl Zeiss Meditec - 1000106994C
Carlisle Foodservice Products - 1000001007C
Carolina Narrow Fabric Company - 1000195224C
Carolon Company - 1000161914C
Carrier Corporation - 1000161846C
Cascade Asset Management, LLC - 1000059913C
Case Medical, Inc. - 1000000841C
Castle Branch, Inc. - 2000144627C
CDW - 1000000595C
Celularity Functional Regeneration, LLC - 1000184713C
Cenorin LLC - 1000083347C
Centinel Spine, Inc. - 2000144743C
Centrak Inc - 1000106211C
Centurion Service Group, LLC - 1000001137C
Cerapedics, Inc. - 1000116065C
Certol International, LLC - 1000162639C
Cesar Castillo Inc - 1000000999C
Chameleon Corporation Inc. - 1000148255C
Chase Transcriptions, Inc - 1000086042C
Chem-Aqua - 1000001386C
Chemtreat, Inc. - 1000117913C
Chiesi USA, Inc - 1000000895C
ChoiceSpine LP - 2000138219C
Christie Medical Holdings Inc - 1000162574C
Cianna Medical, Inc - 1000175671C
Cintas Corporation - 1000000598C
Circa Scientific - 1000148260C
Circassia Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000181724C
Claflin Company - 1000166421C
Clean Harbors Environmental Services Inc - 1000162390C
ClearEdge Partners, Inc - 2000139045C
ClearFlow - 1000170470C
Clinical Innovations, Inc. - 1000000865C
Clorox Sales Company - 1000162329C
CoaguSense, Inc. - 1000194942C
Cochlear Americas - 1000109275C
Cohealo, Inc - 2000138623C
Coloplast Corp. - 1000161810C
Compass One Healthcare - 1000184715C
Component Design Northwest, Inc. - 2000143723C
Computex, Inc. - 2000139700C
Concordance Healthcare Solutions - 1000115286C
Conmed Corporation - 1000000274C
Conmed Linvatec - 1000001312C
Consure Medical - 1000158696C
Contec, Inc. - 1000162469C
ConvaTec Inc - 1000161773C
Cook Medical, LLC - 1000000976C
Cooper Signage & Graphics - 2000139671C
Corporate Screening Services, Inc. - 2000139430C
Covidien Sales LLC - 1000161980C
CPS Payment Services - 1000175669C
CPT Medical, Inc. - 1000114658C
Creative Graphics Management, Inc - 1000170464C
Crescent Electric Supply Company - 1000118482C
Crothall Healthcare, Inc. - 1000161799C
Cube Care Company - 1000110982C
CulturaLink LLC - 2000139803C
Cura Surgical, Inc. - 1000154639C
Curium US LLC - 2000139832C
Currie Medical Specialties Inc - 1000192173C
Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services - 1000106992C
Curvature, Inc. - 1000192166C
Custom Comfort Medtek - 1000163339C
Custom Medical Solutions - 1000106993C
Cxtec - 1000192171C
Cymedica Orthopedics, Inc. - 1000188574C
Cynet Systems Inc - 1000172633C
D R Burton Healthcare - 2000140387D
Dabir Surfaces, Inc. - 2000140096D
Daikin Applied - 1000109467D
Dakota Drug, Inc. - 1000162765D
Daniels Sharpsmart, Inc. - 1000001374D
Davol Inc. - 1000161795D
Dawson Compliance LLC - 2000424780D
DeNovo Products LLC - 1000068424D
Derma Sciences, Inc. - 1000000849D
DermaClip US, LLC - 2000401412D
Deroyal Industries Inc - 1000000492D
Diagnostica Stago, Inc. - 1000001081D
Diversey, Inc. - 1000001262D
DJO Global - 1000162653D
DMS Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. - 1000000367D, Inc. - 2000141118D
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Inc. - 1000000986D
Draeger, Inc. - 1000000945D
DRE Medical Equipment - 1000086048D
Drogueria Betances, Inc. - 1000001121D
DuBois Chemicals, Inc. - 2000417972D
DynTek Services, Inc - 2000141321D
E M Adams Company, Inc. - 1000001270E
E&B Parking Services, Inc. - 1000109269E
Ecolab USA, Inc. - 1000162425E
Ecom-Energy, Inc. - 1000195228E
ECORE International - 1000114221E
ECRI Institute - 0000000578E
Edwards Lifesciences LLC - 0000001006E
Ehob, Inc. - 1000000720E
eKare Inc. - 1000163325e
Ekla Corporation - 1000058165E
Ekos Corporation - 1000170474E
Electro Medical Equipment Co. (EME) - 1000162740E
Electromed Inc - 1000162175E
Elekta, Inc. - 1000161993E
Eli Lilly and Company - 0000000058E
Eli Lilly Exports S.A. - 1000162298E
Encompass Group LLC - 1000000521E
Enel X - 1000059916E
Energizer Battery Company - 1000000871E
Enexor Health Systems, LLC - 2000432266E
Entisys Solutions, Inc - 2000397720E
ERcoder, Inc - 1000119055E
ESI Ergonomic Solutions, L.L.C. - 2000141634E
Essendant - 2000142696E
Essity - 1000163037E
Ethicon, Inc. Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. - 1000000605E
Evoke Neuroscience - 1000163331E
Evolution of Style LLC - 2000404529E
Evolution Spine, LLC - 2000142804E
Exalt Printing Solutions, LLC - 2000142825E
Exela Pharma Sciences, LLC - 1000077360E
Exemplis LLC - 1000158699E
Extremity Medical, LLC - 2000142945E
EZ Way Inc - 1000162008E
FacilitySource - 1000170465F
Factor Medical, Inc. - 2000414693F
Federal Express Corporation - 1000000576F
Ferris Mfg. Corp. - 1000000837F
FFF Enterprises - 1000166413F
First Class Valet Inc - 2000143285F
First Financial Healthcare Solutions - 1000108100F
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Inc. - 1000162595F
Fisher Scientific Healthcare - 1000161937F
Flexicare Inc. - 1000073996F
Follett LLC - 0000000801F
Food Services Of America, Inc. - 1000122473F
Forbo Flooring Inc - 1000058170F
Foxmark Corporation - 2000145097F
Freedom Medical Inc - 1000000830F
Fresenius Kabi - 1000161756F
Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, Inc. - 1000000606F
Fukuda Denshi Usa, Inc. - 1000163348F
G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. - 1000184718G
Gale Pacific USA, Inc. - 2000433259G
Garratt-Callahan Company - 1000162509G
GE Healthcare Medical Diagnostics - 1000162343G
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies, Inc. - 1000000941G
GE Precision Healthcare, LLC - 1000001190G
Genadyne Biotechnologies - 1000188513G
General Electric Company - 1000162821G
Genesis Automation Group - 1000192157G
Genicon, LLC - 1000161990G
Gentherm Medical, LLC - 1000000853G
Gentox Medical Services - 2000145872G
Genus Medical Technologies - 1000154629G
Georgia Pacific Consumer Products LP - 1000162285G
Getinge USA Sales, LLC - 1000154624G
Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) - 1000001413G
Global Industries, Inc. - 2000146055G
Global Physics Solutions, Inc. - 1000192155G
Globo Language Solutions - 1000073981G
Globus Medical, Inc. - 2000146141G
Gmax Industries - 2000146162G
GOJO Industries, Inc. - 1000000560G
Grace Medical, Inc. - 1000162264G
Graham Medical - 1000122460G
Graybar Electric Company Inc - 1000001100G
Great American Art - 1000148258G
Green Earth Medical Solutions - 2000146408G
Greenwood Marketing, Inc. - 1000170467G
Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. - 1000000810G
Grifols Diagnostic Solutions Inc. - 1000158693G
Grounds Control USA - 1000170469G
Groupe Lacasse LLC - 1000162444G
Guerbet LLC - 1000076254G
Gurtler Industries, Inc. - 1000001271G
Guy Brown, LLC. - 1000105599G
H D Smith, LLC - 1000166414H
Haemonetics Corp. - 1000050555H
Halo Communications - 1000192160H
Halosil International, Inc. - 1000154628H
Hamilton Medical, Inc. - 1000162050H
Handicare USA - 1000057214H
Handle - 1000184712H
HARD Manufacturing Co Inc - 0000000372H
HARTMANN USA, Inc. - 1000000298H
Haworth, Inc. - 1000162369H
HD Supply Facilities Maintenance - 1000001289H
Health Care Logistics, Inc. - 2000147096H
Health o meter Professional - 1000162755H
Healthcare Information LLC - 1000162845H
Healthmark Industries Co. - 1000001066H
Helmer, Inc. - 1000001272H
Henry Schein, Inc. - 1000000192H
Herc Rentals Inc. - 1000188577H
Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000001329H
Herman Miller Inc. - 1000000610H
Hertz Corporation - 1000000349H
Hettich Instruments - 1000076718H
Hikma Pharmaceutical USA Inc. - 1000000310H
HillRom Company, Inc. - 1000162559H
Hillyard, Inc. - 2000147474H
Hilton Publishing - 1000162259H
Himagine Solutions Inc. - 1000117903H
Hinson & Hale Medical Technologies, Inc. - 1000145618H
HireRight LLC - 2000147491H
Hitachi Healthcare Americas Corporation - 1000085362H
Hollister Incorporated - 1000001398H
Hologic Inc - 1000000827H
Horiba Medical - 1000165740H
Hospeco - 2000147654H
Hospital Energy - 1000162901H
Hospital Systems, Inc. - 1000001154H
Hovertech International - 1000001079H
HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc - 1000162807H
HTL-STREFA Inc - 1000057185H
Human Care USA - 1000165735H
Hydrofera, LLC. - 2000147926H
Hygenica, Inc. - 1000170456H
I.B.S. Solutions Corporation - 1000123196I
I.V. House, Inc. - 1000145615I
IC Medical - 1000064363I
ICP Medical - 1000068426I
ICU Medical Sales, Inc. - 1000000528I
IDenticard Systems - 1000105595I
Immucor Inc - 1000162054I
Incisive Surgical, Inc. - 1000105144I
Information Systems Resources - 1000184717I
InfuTronix, LLC - 2000148504I
Inmar Rx Solutions, Inc. - 1000000659I
Innovative Healthcare Corporation - 1000001695I
Inpro Corporation - 1000106218I
Insight - 1000147003I
Integra Lifesciences Corporation - 0000000909I
Integra LifeSciences Sales, LLC - 1000105141I
Integrated Medical Systems, Inc. - 1000086743I
Intelligent Product Solutions, Inc. - 2000376654I
InterMetro Industries, Corp. - 1000162120I
International Business Solutions Alliance, LLC - 1000001314I
Intersurgical - 1000057248I
Invivo Corporation - 1000161885I
IPC, Inc. DBA PlatinumCode - 1000192169I
IRadimed Corporation - 1000162769I
IRRAS USA Inc. - 2000376221I
Irrimax Corporation - 1000057232I
Isto Biologics - 1000116074I
Jace Medical - 1000188571J
Jasper Seating Company Inc - 2000154722J
JD Palatine - 1000078810J
Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. - 1000055530J
JM Blanco Inc - 1000001563J
Job Market Maker - 1000118475J
Joerns Healthcare Inc - 1000161789J
Johns Manville - 1000080447J
Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc. - 1000000195J
Jubilant DraxImage Radiopharmacies, Inc. - 2000154934J
K2M Inc - 2000154993K
Kaizen Health - 1000192158K
Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc. - 0000000870K
Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. - 1000083856K
Kay Kare LLC - 2000395204K
KCI USA, Inc. - 1000000686K
Kentec Medical, Inc. - 1000162913K
Kerma Medical Products, Inc. - 1000057253K
Kewaunee Scientific Corp. - 2000155380K
Key Surgical, Inc. - 1000110985K
Kimball International - 1000158686K
Kimberly Clark Global Sales LLC - 1000057133K
King Cheesecake Company, Inc. - 1000158709K
Kitotech Medical, Inc. - 2000379546K
KLS Martin LP - 1000068427K
KMA Remarketing Corporation - 1000086054K
Knoll, Inc. - 1000001232K
Knott's Foods, Inc. - 1000195222K
Koch Filter Corporation - 1000162023K
Kone, Inc. - 1000000850K
Konica Minolta - 1000162541K
Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. - 1000161926K
Kopp Development Inc. - 2000155612K
Koroseal Interior Products - 1000106208K
Krueger International, Inc (KI) - 1000162224K
Krug Inc. - 2000155675K
Kurin, Inc. - 1000170461K
Kwalu LLC - 2000155695K
L5 Express. LLC - 1000108094L
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings - 1000001376L
Laborie Medical Technologies Corp. - 1000072141L
Labrepco LLC - 1000158687L
Lakeshore Logistics, Inc. - 2000415975L
Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc. - 1000001213L
Landauer Inc - 1000162636L
Language Services Associates Inc - 1000122471L
Lantheus Medical Imaging - 1000162144L
La-Z-Boy Contract Furniture - 1000158707L
Leica Microsystems, Inc. - 1000075700L
Lennox International, Inc. - 1000058734L
Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies - 1000110979L
Life Safety Services LLC - 1000192172L
Life Science Logistics, LLC - 2000454374L
LifeNet Health - 1000057249L
Lifesync Corporation - 1000074549L
LifeThreads - 1000163338L
Linet Americas - 1000059915L
Link America, LLC - 2000149774L
LivaNova USA, Inc - 1000161783L
LOC8 Solutions, LLC - 1000188573L
LogiQuip LLC - 1000078814L
LogiTag Systems - 1000175670L
Long 80 LLC - 2000443654L
LSL Industries, Inc. - 1000000882L
Lumenis - 1000001062L
Luminex Corporation - 1000147594L
Lyft - 1000161241L
Maintech, Inc. - 1000192163M
Mannington Commercial, Inc. - 1000000619M
Manual Surgical Sciences, LLC - 2000396267M
MaritzCX Research LLC - 2000150598M
Marpac Inc - 1000162417M
Martab Medical - 1000110521M
Masimo Americas - 1000001085M
MASS Medical Storage, LLC - 1000059918M
Max-Hamilton Supply Company, LLC - 2000419117M
Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. - 2000150855M
MBI Worldwide Background Checks and Drug Screening - 1000162614M
MC Squared Medical Inc. - 1000114229M
McAirlaids Inc - 2000150896M
McAuley Medical Inc - 1000057167M
McKesson Corporation - 0000000369M
McKesson Medical Surgical - 1000059077M
McKesson Pharmaceutical - 1000000773M
MD Buyline - 1000162892M
MDM Commercial Enterprises Inc - 1000162590M
MDM Wound Ventures, Inc. - 2000150180M
MDofficeManager - 1000086049M
Med Michigan Holdings, LLC - 2000444982M
Med Water Systems - 2000151056M
Medefil, Inc. - 1000000862M
Medefis, Inc. - 1000075049M
Medegen Medical Products, LLC - 1000000730M
Medela LLC - 1000001377M
Medgluv, Inc. - 1000001010M
Medical Action Industries Inc - 1000000346M
Medical Components Inc - 1000161905M
Medical Imaging Solutions International - 2000152462M
Medical Positioning, Inc. - 2000151446M
Medical Specialties Distributors, Inc. - 1000166415M
Medical Technology Industries, Inc. (MTI) - 1000117909M
Medicure Pharma, Inc. - 1000001349M
Medipurpose - 1000000703M
Mediscribes, Inc. - 1000170471M
Medi-Tech International Corporation - 1000162711M
Medivators Inc - 1000162335M
Medline Industries, Inc. - 1000161752M
Medtegrity Medical Laundry - 1000108097M
MedTox Diagnostics - 1000077364M
Medtronic Advanced Energy - 1000158705M
Medtronic Inc. - 1000001379M
Medtronic, Inc. - 1000170480M
Medwheels, Inc. - 1000165732M
Meitheal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 1000141565M
Mercedes Medical LLC - 1000154643M
Merchant Advocate, LLC - 2000371709M
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp - 0000000104M
Mercury Medical - 1000170481M
Meridian Bioscience Corporation - 1000161959M
Merit Medical Systems, Inc. - 1000162004M
Metrasens, Inc. - 2000151917M
Metrex Research Corporation - 1000000624M
MGC Diagnostics Corporation - 1000162903M
MHC Medical Products - 1000050585M
Microline Surgical, Inc. - 1000000914M
Midlab Incorporated - 1000161867M
Midmark Sales Corporation - 1000161981M
Milestone Scientific, Inc. - 2000368931M
MiMedx Group, Inc. - 1000077723M
Mindray DS USA Inc - 1000161803M
Miromatrix Medical Inc - 1000192168M
Misonix Inc - 1000002482M
MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc. - 2000150274M
Mobile Instrument Service & Repair, Inc. - 1000001241M
Mobility Exchange, LLC - 1000192161M
Modern Postcard - 1000170468M
Mohawk Industries - 1000161809M
Molnlycke Health Care - 1000161775M
Monaghan Medical Corporation - P000000196M
Morris & Dickson Co., Ltd. - 1000166417M
Mortara Instrument Inc - 1000078336M
MSA Safety Sales, LLC. - 2000150308M
MSI Defense Solutions, LLC - 1000115479M
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation - 1000162010M
MWIDM, Inc. - 2000150352M
MXR Imaging, Inc. - 2000151876M
Myco Medical - 1000162490M
Mylan Institutional - 1000162422M
Nalco Company LLC - 1000001273N
National Business Furniture - 1000158698N
National Office Furniture - 1000076717N
National Paint Alliance - 1000106216N
National Records Centers - 2000152706N
National Therapy Products Inc. - 1000172634N
Neo Medical, Inc. - 1000148259N
Neochild LLC - 1000172639N
NeoGenomics Laboratories, Inc. - 1000085355N
NeoMed Inc - 1000162733N
Neopost USA Inc. - 2000152829N
Nestle Health Sciences - 1000001401N
Netsertive, Inc. - 1000170458N
Network Services Company - 1000162105N
Nevro Corp - 1000188575N
Next Generation Fuel LLC - 1000122462N
NEXT Medical Products Company - 1000172632N
Nexus Medical Llc - 1000147595N
Nihon Kohden America, Inc. - 1000001345N
Nikon Instruments, Inc. - 1000077720N
Nilfisk, Inc. - 1000000973N
Nonin Medical Inc - 1000001636N
Northfield Medical, LLC - 1000105607N
Nova Biomedical Corporation - 1000001949N
Novo Health Services, LLC - 2000153422N
Novo Surgical Inc - 1000073353N
Novolex Holdings, LLC - 2000154104N
Novum Medical Products - 1000000670N
NOW Interactives, LLC - 2000433146N
Nuvasive Inc - 1000057235N
O&M Halyard, Inc. - 1000170453O
Oakworks, Inc. - 2000153665O
OBP Medical - 1000108098O
Office Depot - 1000000628O
OFS Brands Holdings, Inc. - 1000162873O
Ohio Medical, LLC. - 1000000977O
Olympus America Inc - 1000000629O
Omnicare Group, Inc. - 1000188583O
Omnis Health - 1000084518O
Orasure Technologies Inc. - 1000162798O
Orkin, Inc. - 1000000954O
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. - 1000162482O
Orthofix Spinal Implants - 2000156123O
Orthofix, Inc. - 1000162849O
OrthoScan Inc - 1000086051O
Oscor Inc - 1000162841O
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc - 1000154640O
Osprey Medical, Inc. - 1000175667O
Ossur Americas Inc - 1000001698O
Otis Elevator Company - 0000000693O
Owens & Minor Distribution, Inc. - 0000001004O
Pall Corporation - 1000000283P
Par Sterile Products, LLC - 1000001256P
Paradigm Spine LLC - 2000156633P
Paris Healthcare Linen - 2000156670P
Partssource - 1000114235P
Pawling Corporation - 1000162716P
Paymentus Corporation - 1000077362P
PC Connection, Inc. - 1000162352P
PDC Healthcare (Precision Dynamics Corporation) - 1000000634P
PDI-Professional Disposables International - 1000000697P
Pedigo Products Inc - 1000056516P
PenBlade, Inc - 1000085356P
Pentax Medical Company - 1000001149P
Penumbra Inc USA - 1000073993P
Performance Health Supply, Inc. - 1000071682P
PetNet Solutions Inc. - 1000162602P
Pevco Systems International, Inc. - 1000162059P
Pfizer (Generic) - 1000166748P
Pfizer Inc. - 0000000119P
Phadia US, Inc. - 1000188582P
Pharos Systems International, Inc - 1000078811P
Phasor Health, LLC - 2000157220P
Philips Healthcare - 1000161954P
Philips Medical Systems - 1000162499P
Phoenix Textile Corporation - 1000000791P
Piedmont Digital Solutions - 1000110974P
Pitney Bowes - 1000110986P
Plan2Account - 1000154627P
Plastic Film, LLC - 2000435464P
PNC Bank National Association - 1000162149P
Portable Electric - 2000430685P
Positive Promotions - 1000061064P
PPG Industries - 1000162115P
Praxair Inc - 1000162699P
Precept Medical Products, Inc. - 1000001400P
PreCheck Inc - 1000050335P
Precision AirConvey Corp. - 2000157713P, Inc. - 1000001089P
Premier Guard LLC - 1000058991P
Premier Inc. - 1000162215P
Premier Medical Staffing Services, LLC - 2000157848P
Premier Parking - 1000192164P
Premier Supplier Proxy - 2000157861P
Prescient Surgical, Inc. - 2000443104P
Prestige Ameritech - 1000162887P
Print Media, Inc. - 1000001114P
Private Eyes Inc - 1000001017P
Private Eyes Screening Group - 2000158062P
Pro Essentials, LLC - 1000192162P
Procter & Gamble Distributing LLC - 0000000334P
Propio Language Services - 1000162837P
Propper Manufacturing Company - 1000073979P
PSC Solutions, Inc. - 1000083343P
Pulmodyne - 1000119060P
QC Storage, LLC - 1000163343Q
Quality Transportation Inc - 2000158663Q
Quantum Medical - 1000078813Q
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated - 0000000609Q
QuotEnergy, LLC. - 1000195226Q
Quotient Biodiagnostics Inc - 1000057169Q
R&S Northeast LLC - 1000166423R
Radiation Detection Company - 1000162600R
Radiometer America Inc. - 0000000611R
Randstad Sourceright - 2000161252R
RAO Contract Sales, Inc - 1000148256R
Rapid Shred LLC - 1000192167R
Rauland-Borg Corporation - 1000000668R
Rayovac Corporation - 1000170477R
Rebotix, LLC - 2000159197R
RED8 LLC - 2000158835R
Refuse Specialists - 1000118479R
Reinvent Biologics, LLC - 1000188572R
Reliable Delivery - 1000188580R
Reliance Information Consulting, LLC - 2000159384R
Relias Learning, LLC - 1000059424R
Remel Inc. - 1000000927R
Renovo Solutions - 1000162808R
Rentokil North America, Inc. - 1000115290R
Renu Medical, Inc. - 1000162748R
Repaul Textiles LLC - 2000159452R
Respiratory Motion, Inc. - 1000170466R
Retractable Technologies, Inc. - 1000000811R
RF Technologies - 1000162095R
RGP Healthcare - 2000158850R
Rice Lake Weighing Systems - 1000145620R
Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp. - 1000001326R
Richard-Allan Scientific - 1000000639R
Ricoh Company - 1000162577R
Roche Diagnostics Corporation - 1000000524R
RTI Surgical, Inc. - 1000192170R
S2S Global - 1000057158S
Sage Products, Inc. - P000000214S
Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc - 1000001218S
Salter Labs - 1000123731S
Salus Medical Products LLC - 2000159859S
Samsung NeuroLogica Corporation - 1000085359S
Sandoz Inc. - 0000000075S
Sanofi Aventis - 0000000128S
Saphena Medical - 1000163333S
Saranas, Inc. - 2000420006S
Sarstedt Inc. - 1000057254S
SC Johnson Professional, Inc. - 1000074551S
Scotsman Ice Systems - 1000162898S
ScottCare Corporation - 1000119061S
ScripHessco - 1000192156S
SDI Labs Inc - 2000432815S
Seacoast Medical - 1000001666S
SeaSpine Sales, LLC - 1000163334S
SECA Corporation - 1000061066S
Securitas Security Services - 2000160676S
Sensato, Inc. - 2000160771S
Sensus Healthcare - 1000162464S
Shannon Specialty Floors - 1000086970S
Shared Imaging, Inc. - 1000161802S
Sharp Electronics Corporation - 1000192174S
Shaw Industries, Inc. - 1000000870S
Shiftwise - 1000158708S
Shockwave Medical, Inc. - 2000160994S
Shred America - 2000376323S
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc - 1000162365S
Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. - 1000000642S
Sientra Inc - 1000188579S
Signostics, Inc. - 2000161108S
Silentia Inc. - 1000123197S
Silver Lining Apparel - 1000163346S
Sirva Worldwide, Inc. - 1000079850S
Sizewise Rentals - 1000001130S
Skytron, LLC - 0000000881S
SleepEx LabRetriever, Inc. - 2000161367S
Sloan Medical - 1000165738S
Smith & Nephew Inc - Endoscopy Division - 0000000646S
Smith & Nephew Inc - Orthopaedic Division - 2000161422S
Smith & Nephew Inc - Wound Management Division - 1000000352S
Smith Drug Company - 1000000229S
Smiths Medical ASD, Inc. - 1000000199S
Sodexo Operations, LLC - 1000162664S
Sofie Co. - 1000119057S
Solaire Medical - 1000083852S
Solupay Consulting Inc. - 1000077365S
Solution Matrix Inc - 1000162290S
Solutions in Critical Care, Inc. - 2000378191S
Sonic Innovations, Inc. - 1000165737S
Sonny Merryman, Inc. - 2000161639S
Sonosite, Inc. - 0000001230S
Sophysa USA, Inc. - 2000161667S
Sotera Wireless - 2000161686S
Sourcemark LLC - 1000063596S
SP Plus Corporation - 1000192165S
Spacelabs Healthcare LLC - 1000001225S
Spacesaver Corporation - 1000000364S
Spartan Chemical Co Inc - 1000001840S
SpendMend, LLC - 1000162705S
Spine Wave Inc - 2000162010S
Sprint Solutions, Inc - 1000001092S
Stance Healthcare Inc - 1000158704S
Standard Textile Co., Inc - 1000162170S
Staples, Inc. - 0000001019S
State Industrial Products - 1000058158S
Statlab Medical Products Inc - 1000162449S
Steelcase Inc. - 1000000854S
Steelco-USA Inc - 1000075047S
Stericycle, Inc. - 1000001361S
Sterigear LLC - 1000058733S
Steris Corporation - 1000000814S
STERIS Instrument Management Services, Inc. - 1000001332S
Stratus Video, LLC - 2000162488S
Stryker Corporation - 1000161996S
Stryker Craniomaxillofacial - 1000001116S
Stryker Instruments - 1000001316S
Stryker Medical - 1000001108S
Stryker Orthopaedics - 1000000825S
Stryker Spine - 1000057247S
Stryker Sustainability Solutions - 1000001211S
Sun Communications, Inc. - 1000077363S
SunMed Group Holdings, LLC - 1000123207S
Sunoptic Technologies, LLC - 1000162612S
Surfacide - 1000077367S
Surgerylink, Inc. - 2000365854S
Surgical Specialties Corporation - 1000001561S
Surgimed Corporation - 1000057240S
Suture Express Inc - 1000162431S
Swift Medical - 1000163322S
Swisslog Healthcare - 1000001101S
Symmetry Surgical - 1000001367S
Synaptic Medical Inc. - 2000372031S
Sysmex America, Inc. - 1000000647S
System 2/90, Inc. - 1000116075S
T B & A Hospital Television, Inc. - 1000000944T
Tandus Centiva US LLC - 1000000648T
Tarkett - 1000175656T
Tarry Medical Products dba DandleLION Medical - 1000076253T
Taylor Healthcare - 1000161770T
TBGenergy, LLC - 1000195225T
Tech Army, LLC - 1000172630T
Tech Assurance, Inc. - 2000163395T
Tech Medical Services Inc. - 1000162829T
Technopath Clinical Diagnostics USA - 2000163516T
Teknion LLC - 2000163561T
TekYard Medical - 1000106207T
Teleflex LLC - 1000001024T
Telehealth Services - 0000000979T
Tennant Sales and Service Company - 1000001382T
Terminix International Company - 2000166610T
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems - 1000162382T
Tetra Medical Supply Corp. - 1000000873T
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (Generic) - 0000000094T
Texas Air Systems - 2000163713T
Thayer Medical Corporation - 1000162296T
The Ambiance Group - 1000110514T
The Collective Group, LLC. - 2000163818T
The Duracell Company - 1000161733T
The Garland Company, Inc. - 1000162028T
The Home Depot Pro - 1000108705T
The Marena Group, LLC - 1000002522T
The Part Works, Inc. - 1000085360T
Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corporation - 1000001287T
Tidi Products, LLC - 1000073358T
Tissue Analytics, Inc. - 1000163332T
TissueTech, Inc. - 2000389293T
Titan Spine - 2000164346T
TMG Health Technologies - 2000163172T
Tollos, Inc. - 1000161989T
Tomahawk Safety LLC - 2000429267T
TOMI Environmental Solutions - 1000154638T
Tony's Fish & Seafood Corporation - 1000067573T
Total Quality Logistics Inc. - 2000164471T
Touchsource, LLC. - 2000164498T
Tradition Energy - 1000195223T
Trane U.S. Inc. - 1000000738T
TransMotion Medical, A Division of Winco Mfg., LLC - 1000117914T
Tremco Incorporated - 0000001225T
Trendway Corporation - 1000162279T
Tri-Anim Health Services Inc - 1000000649T
Tri-Anim Health Services Inc - 2000396731T
Tricol Biomedical, Inc. - 1000163330T
Tri-Dim Filter Corp. - 1000057252T
Trilliant Surgical Ltd - 1000077371T
TriMed, Inc. - 2000166035T
Trinity Medical Devices Inc. - 2000166098T
Triose, Inc. - 1000162706T
Triple S - 1000162618T
Tristate Apartment Furnishers, LLC - 1000061119T
Tronex International, Inc. - 1000001696T
Tru-D Smart UVC, LLC - 1000077372T
Trumpf Medical Systems - 1000162214T
TrustHCS - 1000117908T
TRX BioSurgery - 1000116069T
Turtle & Hughes, Inc. - 2000166257T
Typenex Medical, LLC - 2000166296T
TZ Medical, Inc. - 1000161930T
Uc-Care (USA) Inc. - 2000166606U
UgMO Technologies - 2000366532U
Ulrich Medical USA - 2000166514U
UMF Medical - 1000076715U
UMG/Del Medical Inc. - 1000086062U
Unifirst Corporation - 1000001624U
United Audit Systems, Inc. - UASI - 1000117906U
United Language Group, Inc. - 2000166732U
UNX Incorporated - 1000105140U
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc. - 1000161737U
Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc. - 1000067372U
UreSil, LLC - 2000166903U
Urgo Medical North America - 2000166904U
Us Bancorp - 1000175661U
US Med-Equip, Inc - 1000073983U
US Tech Solutions Inc - 1000073357U
USG Corporation - 1000162061U
USPAY Group LLC - 1000162204U
UV-Concepts Inc. - 2000395232U
Value Drug Company - 0000001022V
Vapotherm Inc - 1000086978V
Vari Sales Corporation - 2000436946V
VaxServe, Inc - 1000070079V
Veran Medical Technologies, Inc. - 1000154637V
Verathon Inc - 2000167258V
Vereco - 2000167269V
Veritiv Corporation - 1000076250V
Verizon Wireless - 1000000823V
Viscot Medical LLC - 1000161842V
Visiun, Inc. - 2000167530V
VM Cardio Vascular, Inc. - 2000166993V
Voice Products Inc - 2000167634V
Vyaire Medical, Inc. - 1000146999V
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. - 0000000753W
Wallprotex - 1000172629W
Waterlogic USA, Inc. - 2000167891W
WB Mason Company - 2000167716W
Welch Allyn Inc - 1000000656W
Welmed, Inc - 1000070081W
Werfen USA, LLC - 1000001368W
Wesco International - 1000001005W
West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc. - 1000000943W
Wexford Labs Inc - 1000077375W
Wistron Corporation - 1000184716W
Witt/Kieffer Inc. - 1000162177W
Wooter Apparel, Inc. - 2000455075W
Worldtec Distribution Corp - 2000432663W
Woundmatrix, Inc. - 1000163328W
WoundVision - 1000108092W
WW Grainger - 1000000852W
Wy'east Medical Corp. - 1000084540W
Xenex Disinfection Services - 1000086976X
Xenocor, Inc - 2000406613X
Xerox Corporation - 1000000924X
X-GEN Pharmaceuticals Inc. - 0000000120X
Xs International, Inc. - 1000188570X
Zebra Technologies International, LLC - 1000057245Z
Zimmer Biomet - 1000000771Z
Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc - 0000000554Z
ZipBy USA LLC - 2000407179Z
Z-Medica, LLC - 1000162836Z
Zoll Medical Corporation - 1000000745Z
Zones, LLC - 1000161821Z

This list is updated periodically and is subject to change at any time.

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