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A group purchasing organization (GPO) is only as good as the quality of its contracted suppliers. As the nation’s leading GPO serving the non-acute healthcare, education, and business communities, Innovatix values the role our vendors play in helping our members thrive.

Our contracted suppliers are vital to our goal of delivering products and services that meet our members’ ever-evolving needs. Only through a robust and dynamic portfolio can Innovatix offer differentiated, high-quality group purchasing and consultative services to help our members lower costs while providing the highest quality service and patient care.

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Large, Engaged Membership Base

Innovatix has been serving pharmacies, senior living providers, and independent oncology practices since 1993. Always innovating, hence our name, we have recently extended the deep discounts and hands-on service model we created for our 32,000+ healthcare members to K-12 educational institutions and the broader business community.

Our hands-on customer care model ensures Innovatix members have guidance in accessing the full portfolio of vendors and contracts. From a frontline staff of account and contracting managers to our in-house industry and clinical experts, Innovatix takes a proactive approach in guiding our members through the full array products and services that keep their businesses and practices running.

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Why contract with Innovatix?
  • Work with an organization that has a reputation for excellence and highest standards of business ethics.
  • Access a national purchasing membership of over 32,000 members.
  • Reach a highly desirable marketplace where your product or service makes a difference.
  • Work with a team that is passionately committed to supporting the needs of healthcare and other service delivery organizations.
  • Provide unsurpassed value to the healthcare and business communities, ultimately enhancing delivery of healthcare and services.


A Dynamic National Meeting & Expo

Innovatix’s National Meeting is an exclusive annual event held for Innovatix members as well as members of our affiliated GPO, Essensa. Attendees include some of Innovatix’s most influential and engaged members from a variety of non-acute care and commercial markets. From pharmacists to business owners, administrators to oncologists, all Innovatix markets are represented in force. A well-attended exhibit hall offers an opportunity for contracted suppliers to meet face-to-face with our members to discuss how their products and services can help our members’ businesses thrive.

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