Infusion / Specialty Pharmacy Providers

We provide both home infusion providers and ambulatory infusion centers with innovative solutions to their purchasing and operational needs.

Solving Your Greatest Challenges

Infusion providers, including both home infusion providers and ambulatory infusion centers, play an increasingly important role given an aging population and the need to expand both patient care and patient choice. Home infusion in particular reduces costs and unnecessary travel and limits germ exposure. Yet infusion providers face ongoing operational and revenue challenges: Provider shortages, Medicare coverage issues and steadily declining reimbursements threaten stability and quality of care.

Innovatix® (in partnership with our parent company, Premier®) delivers competitive pricing and better tools via industry-leading group purchasing.

Home Infusion Providers

Home infusion providers offer an individualized, personal level of care, but they must maintain access to a wide range of pharmaceutical products including some that face shortages or supply chain disruptions. With over 180 unique suppliers in our pharmacy portfolio and more than 15,000 products, Innovatix empowers home infusion providers to maintain access to crucial pharmaceuticals and blood plasma products. Our nation-leading group purchasing organization (GPO) program helps providers keep costs competitive regardless of size.

Ambulatory Infusion Centers

Ambulatory infusion centers offer a safe, cost-effective alternative to in-hospital infusion. The key to providing those savings is accessing pharmaceuticals and products at competitive prices. That’s difficult when an infusion center’s purchasing power and contract leverage are low compared with a large hospital system in the same market. With unprecedented group purchasing power, Innovatix enables ambulatory centers to maximize savings without sacrificing quality of care.

Unprecedented Reach and Purchasing Power

With a purchasing portfolio built on over $83 billion in purchasing volume, we offer unprecedented access and buying power, including:

180+ suppliers and 15,000+ products in our pharmacy portfolio.

Competitive prices on adult and pediatric vaccines.

A comprehensive intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) and fractionated blood product portfolio available through several distributors.

An industry-leading injectable generics product access program, PremierProRx®.

Supply Chain Advisor®, a web-based portal including contract catalog, price activation, contract management and more.

Specialty Pharmacy Solutions

Infusion providers that offer personalized specialty pharmacy services must maintain access to a wide range of pharmaceutical products including some that face shortages or supply chain disruptions. With over 180 unique suppliers in our pharmacy portfolio, Innovatix empowers infusion providers to maintain access to crucial brand, specialty, biologics and blood pharmaceuticals. Our nation-leading GPO program helps providers keep costs competitive regardless of size. The Innovatix contract portfolio, contracted distribution networks and pharmacy solutions offer our members the resources needed to provide best-in-practice patient care.

Complementing our group purchasing advantages, Innovatix offers numerous other solutions to pharmacies and infusion centers. These include:


Our pharmacy business intelligence tool offers the industry’s most complete support for pharmacy data analytics and adjudication services, including claims review data for pre-edit, post-edit and reconciliation phases.

Clinical Programs
Access our in-house clinical experts, earn continuing education (CE) credits through multiple flexible methods and enjoy our Contract Advantage tools to save on contracted alternatives—all at no cost for Innovatix members.
Government Affairs

We advocate in Washington, D.C. for our members with a focus on long-term care pharmacy and infusion

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Top Contract Categories for Home Infusion and Ambulatory Infusion Centers


  • AHF, SCIG and IVIG

Delivery, Shipping and Freight Management

  • Inbound and Outbound Freight
  • Third-Party Freight Management

Facility Management and Maintenance

  • Air Filtration Products
  • HVAC Equipment, Controls and Services

Information Technology

  • Cellular Voice and Data Services
  • Hardware and Software Resellers

IV Therapy

  • Disinfection Caps
  • Infusion Devices and Device Dedicated Sets
  • Infusion Sets and Accessories
  • IV Fluids, Bag-Based Drug Delivery and TPN Macronutrients
  • IV Management and Accessories
  • Needleless Connectors
  • Outsourced IV Admixture Services
  • Pharmacy Compounding Equipment and Admixture Supplies
  • Safety IV Catheters


  • Blood Glucose Meters, Reagents, Consumables and Service
  • Blood Specimen Collection and Ancillary Products
  • Clinical Reference Laboratory Testing Services


  • Enteral Nutrition
  • Feeding Pumps, Sets, Devices and Tubes


  • Respiratory Therapy Products
  • Safety Huber Needles
  • Safety Hypodermic Products
  • Standard Hypodermic Products


  • Brand Name
  • Generics
  • Biosimilars

Rx Support Services

  • Pharmaceutical Bags
  • Pharmacy Refrigerators

USP 797 Products
and Services

  • Clean-Room Equipment
  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring
  • USP 797 Supplies and Disposables

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