Surgery Centers

Today's surgery centers navigate a demanding landscape. Innovatix can help.

Surgery centers are challenged with managing costs, attracting patients, optimizing reimbursement and complying with regulations. All of these demands can feel overwhelming while prioritizing top-notch care delivery.

Understanding Your Diverse Needs

No two surgery centers are alike. As a single-specialty or multi-specialty center, you have distinct hurdles to overcome. That’s why we offer tailored solutions that address your specific needs.

Controlling Costs

Rising expenses like equipment, supplies and operating room overheads can squeeze your margins. Innovatix offers cost-saving solutions to help improve your bottom line:

  • Leveraging the power of our parent company, Premier, we offer access to a portfolio of pre-negotiated contracts with national suppliers, offering competitive rates on capital equipment, medical supplies, facilities and office products, and more.
  • Customized cost-reduction strategies based on your spending data, identifying opportunities for optimization.

Boosting Patient Volume

Attracting new patients and retaining existing ones is critical for surgery centers. Innovatix's group purchasing portfolio features suppliers who can help you streamline workflows and improve the patient experience with operational resources and expertise.

Navigating Regulations

Keeping up with the complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape can be daunting. Innovatix eases your burden with a dedicated Government Advocacy program to keep you informed of the latest policy and regulation information that impacts surgery centers and continuum of care providers.

See Where You Can Save

Premier’s group purchasing organization (GPO) portfolio offers a comprehensive range of products and services specifically tailored to the needs of surgery centers:

Capital Equipment

Operating room (OR) tables, monitors, stretchers and lights.

OR Products and Supplies

Anesthesia, endoscopy, surgical instruments, sterilization products and services, and ophthalmology products.

Information Technology

Electronic medical record (EMR), hardware/software, mobile wireless carriers and telecom networks.

IV Therapy Products

Infusion sets and accessories, IV fluids, IV site management and accessories, and needleless connectors.

Medical Supplies

Respiratory therapy products, drapes and gowns, syringes, and wound care products.

Our Distinctive Approach

Innovatix offers additional resources and solutions that empower your team, optimize operations and unlock even greater value for your surgery center:


Understanding that negotiating pricing for physician preference items (PPIs) used in ophthalmology procedures can present unique challenges, Premier has partnered with EyeProGPO to offer members access to discounted pricing on specialty ophthalmic supplies.

Premier SmartPO®

Premier SmartPO® is a straightforward purchasing and inventory management platform designed specifically for continuum of care providers.


A digital sales solution from Premier that allows members to access and purchase limited-time deals on contracted and exclusive products. Stockd is an exclusive benefit for Innovatix members that delivers significant savings.

Explore our full suite of programs and services to uncover how we can help you accomplish your goals and maximize performance.

Partnering with Innovatix means more than just enhanced profitability. We empower you to deliver exceptional service, optimize efficiency across your facilities and ensure cost-effectiveness in every aspect of your operations.

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