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Saving money on everyday purchases is a big part of reducing your business' procurement expenses. The purchasing experts at Innovatix® can help you identify potential savings with a complimentary spend analysis.

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You can start saving from your very first purchase as an Innovatix member. Don’t wait – opt in now for your free spend analysis to see where you can save dollars off your everyday expenses.

Through the analyses conducted last year, Innovatix uncovered collective savings of $50 million for our members. On average, these savings amounted to over 6 percent of the total purchasing expenditure, with some categories witnessing savings as remarkable as 40 percent.

Identify improvement areas by gaining insight into your spending across different categories. We analyze spending on everything from medical supplies to office supplies and food services to HR services.

Make data-based purchasing decisions by pinpointing specific areas for potential savings. A comprehensive spend analysis report will compare your expenses to Innovatix's portfolio of 3,000+ contracts from 1,460+ top suppliers.

Unlock savings of up to 40 percent by leveraging our contracts for high-expenditure categories, maximizing your potential for cost reduction.

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