Rx and Biosimilar Portfolio

An industry leading pharmacy portfolio, curated for the Continuum of Care.

In a world marked by escalating drug costs, reimbursement shortfalls and budget cuts, Innovatix stands as a beacon of innovation and resourcefulness. Innovatix’s heritage is deeply rooted in pharmacy group purchasing. Our pharmacy portfolio boasts over 15,000 products from more than 180 pharmaceutical suppliers. Over the past 30 years, we’ve evolved into a dynamic force with more than 14 portfolios specifically curated for continuum of care providers, including:

Infusion Providers

Long-term Care Pharmacies

Mail Order and Retail Pharmacies

Physician Practices

Ambulatory Care and Outpatient Surgery Centers

We leverage the comprehensive portfolio of our parent company, Premier, to give Innovatix® members access to over 2,000 contracts with trusted national suppliers.

Vaccine Purchasing Program

Innovatix® members have access to an extensive contract portfolio of adult and pediatric vaccine products as well as a seasonal flu vaccine program. Members receive favorable pricing and payment terms as well as rebates on a full range of vaccines from the nation’s leading manufacturers.

IVIG/Plasma Blood Program

We also offer a generous range of intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) and fractionated blood products, catering to continuum of care providers. Collaborating with several distribution partners, Innovatix provides members with access to limited-supply products to fulfill patient needs.

Product Access Program

In response to the increased number of drug shortages, our industry-leading product access program, PremierProRx®, offers Innovatix members proven savings and security in the distribution supply chain for generic pharmaceuticals.

Biosimilars Program

Biosimilars offer expanded therapeutic options for chronically ill patients. In addition, these critical new drugs represent a significant opportunity for healthcare providers to manage costs and bring additional value to their patients. We leverage Premier’s portfolio to give continuum-of-care providers the tools needed to thrive in the era of biosimilars.

Educational Opportunities

Premier prioritizes the importance of fostering confidence in biosimilars by offering a range of continuing education (CE) accredited programs and clinical resources for our pharmacy members.

Reimbursement Tools

The reimbursement models and acquisition costs of biosimilar products vary in different healthcare settings. To assist Innovatix members in making the most of the possible cost savings, Premier recently launched the Biosimilars Calculator. Members can use this online tool to estimate reimbursement for contracted biosimilar products from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and private payers.

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