Retail and Mail Order Pharmacy

Meeting the Challenges of Retail and Mail Order Pharmacies

Retail and mail order pharmacies face unique challenges in the dynamic landscape of healthcare. From managing costs to ensuring efficient supply chain operations, the demands are ever-increasing. Innovatix® understands these complexities and offers tailored solutions to meet the needs of these essential healthcare providers.

Retail Pharmacy: Streamlining for Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Retail pharmacies operate at the forefront of healthcare delivery by providing vital medications and services to communities. These pharmacies face new challenges daily as the cost of doing business continues to rise. Mergers in the retail pharmacy marketplace make it even more difficult to compete. Innovatix offers a robust pharmacy portfolio for retail pharmacies to promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Mail Order Pharmacy: Optimizing for Accessibility and Scalability

Mail-order pharmacies extend the reach of healthcare by delivering medications directly to patients’ homes. Innovatix aids these pharmacies in scaling their operations while maintaining high standards of patient care. Through our tailored solutions, mail-order pharmacies can achieve greater market penetration and improved patient satisfaction.

Group Purchasing Services for Retail Pharmacies and Mail Order Pharmacies

The group purchasing services available through Innovatix make it possible for both retail and mail-order pharmacies to take advantage of volume discounts without volume commitments. Innovatix provides specialized support to ensure pharmacies have the opportunity to operate at peak efficiency through cost savings and access to pharmaceuticals, equipment, supplies and more.

Our comprehensive Pharmacy Solutions Portfolio provides access to a wide range of products and services to ensure competitive pricing and quality supplies. This portfolio includes contracts with over 180 pharmaceutical suppliers for more than 15,000 products – from branded and generic pharmaceuticals to diabetic supplies. The Pharmacy Solutions Portfolio also offers a vaccine purchasing program, a generic product access program and an IVIG/plasma blood program. These programs are designed to provide members with easier access to necessary supplies while maximizing savings.

Members also have access to an online catalog for pricing and rebate information and to a Pharmacy Supplier Index for easy identification of cost-saving opportunities. This expansive portfolio underscores the commitment that Innovatix has to provide robust support and resources to retail and mail-order pharmacies.

Empowering Pharmacies with Clinical Programs

Innovatix offers no-cost Clinical Programs as another benefit of membership. These programs offer resources and tools for pharmacies to enhance patient outcomes, adhere to regulatory standards and stay ahead in an ever-evolving healthcare environment. 

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