For Suppliers

Benefits of Being a Supplier with Innovatix® and Premier®

Prospective Suppliers

Prospective suppliers are invited to explore opportunities by visiting Premier’s Supplier Page. On the supplier page, you will find clear steps to become a Premier contracted supplier. This platform provides a comprehensive guide to the process by outlining the essential steps to collaborate with us. 

Becoming a supplier means contributing to a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare supply chain. On our supplier page, you will gain an understanding of the ways that partnering with Premier and Innovatix helps improve healthcare delivery and creates a more efficient healthcare system.

Engaging with Innovatix

Powered by our parent company Premier®, the Innovatix® team works tirelessly to deliver value to our members, which in turn drives growth and innovation for our suppliers. As part of Premier’s Continuum of Care division, Innovatix offers suppliers an opportunity to connect with a diverse array of members, ranging from pharmacies to senior living facilities to physician offices and more. Through Innovatix, Premier contracted suppliers provide solutions for a broad network of continuum of care providers.

Continuum of Care

Premier’s innovative and comprehensive Continuum of Care division extends its reach beyond the four walls of the hospital to the fastest growing healthcare segments.  Through Innovatix, Premier serves members in a diverse array of sectors including:

Long-term Care Pharmacies


Retail and Mail Order Pharmacies

Senior Living Facilities

including skilled nursing, assisted living, and independent living


Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Home Healthcare Providers

Behavioral Health Providers

Clinical Laboratories

Imaging Centers

HME / DME Providers

First Responders

Our Suppliers Add Value

Each member has access to tailored purchasing solutions and operational support designed to meet their unique needs. Our suppliers are essential to this approach, which ensures that members receive the tools and resources necessary to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and drive growth. 

For Existing Premier Suppliers

Already a part of the Premier network?

At Innovatix, we recognize the importance of our suppliers and are dedicated to offering robust support. Our team is on hand to help you navigate market challenges by offering strategic insights and making connections with members who can benefit from your solutions. We believe in a partnership that is beneficial, evolving and aligned with industry advancements.

As a Premier supplier, your expertise and contributions are invaluable to solving our members’ challenges. We encourage you to contact us to discuss ways to strengthen our collaboration and bring innovative solutions to our members.