Behavioral Health and Continuum of Care Providers

We supply behavioral health facilities and other continuum of care healthcare providers with innovative solutions to their purchasing and operational needs.

Diverse Solutions for Diverse Disciplines

Behavioral health facilities and other providers within the continuum of care (including clinical labs, diagnostic imaging centers, first responders, emergency services, adult daycare facilities and more) serve a population with a wide range of needs, making them reliant on a dependable and cost-effective healthcare supply chain. Changing demographics, evolving patient preferences and growing demand put pressure on providers even as competition creates revenue challenges.

Innovatix® (in partnership with our parent company, Premier®) empowers behavioral health providers and others with competitive pricing and better tools via industry-leading group purchasing.

Behavioral Health Inpatient Facilities

Serving the complex needs of patients needing behavioral healthcare brings a wide set of product and foodservice needs. Innovatix offers both operational support and strategic group purchasing capabilities to inpatient facilities, leveraging $83 billion in purchasing power and access to more than 3,000 contracts — all at no additional membership cost. Our portfolio includes an industry-leading foodservice program through our exclusive distribution agreement with US Foods.

Clinical Laboratories

Clinical labs have highly specific purchasing needs that include relatively uncommon and sometimes hard-to-source products. When a supplier is out of stock, clinical labs can’t afford to wait until the supplier works it out. Innovatix opens up your lab’s supplier network far beyond what would be feasible independently. For example, Innovatix maintains relationships with 29 suppliers in analyzers, reagents and consumables alone.

Diagnostic Imaging

Innovatix provides healthcare supply chain and operations support to diagnostic imaging centers, delivering access to a vast network of suppliers via one of the industry’s most comprehensive purchasing portfolios that includes medical/surgical supplies, office products and capital equipment.

First Responders

First responders play a life-saving role, but to do so, they need ready access to the right products at the right price. Innovatix provides best-in-class pricing with a large network of suppliers trusted by first responders, leveraging the purchasing power of more than 300,000 healthcare providers.

Adult Daycare facilities

Serving a population with developmental and other disabilities, adult daycare facilities require a unique mix of medical supplies, personal care items, other physical purchasing needs and foodservice. Independent providers must negotiate purchasing with dozens of vendors, creating both logistical burdens and cost pressures. 

Innovatix offers group purchasing power with over 3,000 contracts with trusted national suppliers, plus an exclusive distribution agreement with US Foods. We provide immediate cost savings on both supplies and foodservice purchases.

Top Contract Categories for Behavioral Health and Continuum of Care Providers

Innovatix offers industry-leading GPO support across a wide range of contract categories essential to behavioral health and continuum of care providers. Especially relevant is our exclusive distribution agreement with US Foods, giving members attractive access to one of the largest foodservice vendors in the nation. Categories include:


Analyzers, Reagents and Consumables

Collection Products

Laboratory Equipment

Medical/Surgical Supplies

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Facilities and Maintenance

Office Products

Powerful Complementary Solutions

In addition to our GPO capabilities, behavioral health facilities and other continuum of care providers can take advantage of numerous other solutions available to Innovatix members: 

Supply Chain Advisor®:

Our web-based contract catalog includes price activation, contract management and more.

Premier SmartPO®

Simple purchasing and electronic invoicing system, offering a complete order management and contract price management solution curated for senior living providers.


Exclusive limited-time deals on contracted products through our user-friendly digital sales platform.

Start saving on all your purchasing needs today!