Ophthalmology Products in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ophthalmic ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) were pioneers in the ASC model and have since become the benchmark of success that other ASCs seek to emulate.

Ophthalmic ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) were pioneers in the ASC model and have since become the benchmark of success that other ASCs seek to emulate. Between 2001 and 2014, the volume of cataract surgeries performed in ASCs increased from 43.6 percent to 73.0 percent. Patients, surgeons and the healthcare system as a whole benefit from the efficiencies, high levels of patient satisfaction and excellent clinical outcomes that the ASC environment provides.

To retain this value, ophthalmic ASCs should strive to keep operating costs at a minimum without reducing the quality of care. To this end, the challenge is to procure the right ophthalmology products at competitive prices.

Significance of Ophthalmology in ASCs

Ophthalmology-related procedures play a vital role in ambulatory surgery centers by offering efficient and cost-effective solutions for various eye conditions. Procedures such as cataract surgery, LASIK and glaucoma treatments are often performed on an outpatient basis.

The demand for ophthalmic procedures in ASCs has been steadily increasing. This trend is reflective of a broader shift towards ambulatory surgery for various medical specialties, driven by the desire to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance patient satisfaction.

Here are some key reasons behind the rising demand for ophthalmic procedures in ASCs and their associated advantages:

  1. Ophthalmology has seen significant advancements in surgical techniques and equipment, enabling many procedures to take place in outpatient settings.
  2. As the global population ages, the prevalence of age-related eye conditions, such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma, is increasing. Many of these conditions require surgical intervention. ASCs offer a convenient and efficient setting for these procedures.
  3. By avoiding the overhead costs associated with inpatient care, ASCs can offer ophthalmic procedures at lower prices, making them more accessible to patients and payors alike.
  4. ASCs are designed for efficiency, with streamlined processes and dedicated staff focused on outpatient care. This often translates to shorter wait times, quicker turnover between procedures and a more comfortable experience for patients compared to hospitals.
Procurement Processes: Challenges in Standardization

Standardizing the purchase of ophthalmologic products in ASCs promotes cost efficiency, operational effectiveness and quality assurance, ultimately improving patient care and satisfaction. However, ASCs face several unique challenges when it comes to standardizing ophthalmology products. In particular, the procurement of physician preference items (PPI).

Standardizing ophthalmology products within ASCs is challenging due to the diverse preferences of ophthalmic surgeons, the wide range of specialized products available, supply chain complexities, cost considerations, regulatory compliance requirements and patient safety concerns. Successfully addressing these challenges requires collaboration between ASC administrators, physicians, suppliers and regulatory bodies to develop strategies that optimize product selection, procurement processes and patient care outcomes.

Ophthalmology Products Come at a Price

The high cost of ophthalmic products can strain ASCs financially, affecting service accessibility. ASCs must allocate significant budgets for these items, potentially limiting investments in staff training and facility upgrades.

High product costs also contribute to increased procedure fees, making eye surgeries less affordable for uninsured patients. Insurance reimbursement challenges further exacerbate financial strain, potentially leading to service restrictions. ASCs may face resource allocation dilemmas, potentially reducing procedure availability or investment in technology upgrades. Overall, these challenges hinder accessibility to essential eye care services for patients.

Premier Can Help

Premier’s leadership in healthcare supply chain solutions and our diverse range of medical products exemplify our commitment to driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness in healthcare delivery. Through strategic sourcing, customized solutions and data-driven insights, Premier supports ASCs in optimizing their supply chain management and delivering high-quality healthcare services to patients.

EyeProGPO: Your Solution to Cost-Efficient Ophthalmic Care

EyeProGPO is a group purchasing organization (GPO) specializing in negotiating competitive prices for ophthalmology products and services. By leveraging the collective purchasing power of our 1,000-plus members, including ASCs, ophthalmic practices and clinics, EyeProGPO strives to secure significantly discounted pricing from vendors and suppliers.

Through Premier’s comprehensive portfolio of agreements covering a wide range of ophthalmology products, including surgical instruments, implants, pharmaceuticals and equipment, members can access high-quality products at competitive prices. This translates into an enhanced ability to deliver quality care to your patients while maintaining financial sustainability.

Premier works closely with our members to understand their purchasing needs and priorities, negotiating contracts with leading manufacturers and distributors to ensure favorable terms and pricing. By combining purchasing volume and standardizing procurement processes, EyeProGPO helps ASCs and ophthalmic practices optimize their supply chain management, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Promising Solutions for ASCs

Premier’s extensive portfolio of group purchasing solutions provides ASCs with access to a comprehensive selection of medical products, supplies and services from a diverse network of suppliers. By leveraging Premier’s purchasing power and negotiated contracts, ASCs can streamline procurement processes, standardize product selections and achieve cost savings through bulk purchasing discounts and favorable pricing terms.

EyeProGPO specifically focuses on negotiating competitive prices for ophthalmology products and services. Through EyeProGPO, ASCs can access a specialized portfolio of ophthalmology products at reduced costs, promoting standardization of supplies and equipment while optimizing procurement efficiency.

Optimizing Ophthalmic Care: GPO Solutions

Driven by advancements in surgical techniques and demographic shifts, ophthalmic procedures are increasingly vital in ambulatory surgery centers. However, ASCs face unique challenges in standardizing ophthalmology products due to physician preferences, cost considerations and regulatory compliance.

Premier’s comprehensive medical supplies and services portfolio, and EyeProGPO play crucial roles in negotiating competitive prices and promoting standardization. The result: reduced costs and enhanced efficiency for ASCs. Despite the financial strain imposed by high ophthalmic product costs, EyeProGPO’s tailored approach to eye care purchasing can help ASCs deliver accessible, high-quality eye care services to patients, ensuring optimal outcomes and satisfaction.