Innovatix GPO Portfolio

Purchasing Power that Delivers Savings and Reduces Expenses

Innovatix® offers an intelligent and efficient approach to purchasing for our members. With access to some of the most competitive pricing in the market, Innovatix empowers our members by providing cost-effective solutions for your everyday needs.

At the core of Innovatix’s success is our robust purchasing portfolio, which stands out as one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Working with our parent company, Premier®, Innovatix leverages an impressive $83 billion in annual purchasing volume. This collaboration, which combines the expertise of contracting teams and the support of in-house clinical professionals, has enabled Innovatix to establish a purchasing portfolio that is an industry leader in its breadth and depth.

Whether your requirements involve restocking pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, undertaking construction projects for new facilities, running an in-house foodservice operation, or implementing new payment systems and IT infrastructures, Innovatix is committed to helping you achieve savings across your entire business. With a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Innovatix strives to be your go-to partner for diverse business needs, ensuring that you are well covered and supported in all facets of your operations.

A Product Portfolio that Balances Cost and Quality

Innovatix’s purchasing program spans the continuum of care spectrum, from pharmacies to long-term care providers to physicians to surgery centers and more.

  • Our portfolio includes over 1,400 suppliers and more than 3,300 negotiated contracts.
  • We work with reputable suppliers you know and trust to provide quality products and services. 
  • Our diverse network of suppliers offers a wide range of products and services across many categories, providing flexibility for our members.
  • Select contracts and pricing structures based on your business’s specific needs and existing distributor relationships.

Innovatix’s expansive group purchasing portfolio includes:


Brand name and generics.

Adult and pediatric vaccine products and vaccine programs.

Intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) and fractionated blood products.


Foodservice distribution and disposables.

Equipment, supplies and services.

Medical nutrition.

Medical Supplies

Medical and surgical products and supplies.

IV therapy products.

S2S-Premier private label products.

Laboratory Supplies

Blood glucose meters.

Histology and cytology instruments.

Analyzers, reagents, consumables and service for urinalysis, hematology, hemoglobin A1c and hemostasis.

Facilities Management

Janitorial and sanitation products.

Maintenance, repair and operations.

Linens, uniforms and products.

IT / Telecommunications

Hardware and software.

Image management and services.

Cyber security products and services.

Administrative and Human Resources

Background check services.

Executive recruiting.

Payroll processing.

Office Supplies and Business Equipment

Modular supplies.

Office supplies and business services.

Furniture and systems.

Capital Equipment (Procurement & Planning)

General and molecular radiography.

CT, MRI and ultrasound.

Radiation oncology.

Discover just how comprehensive our purchasing portfolio is:

Innovatix is committed to helping you achieve savings across all facets of your business. Members leverage Premier’s Supply Chain Advisor®, an online tool designed to help you pinpoint opportunities for savings and enhance the efficiency of your supply chain processes.

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