Clinical Pharmacy Services

Innovatix® is dedicated to empowering members with the essential tools and resources required to provide optimal patient-centered care in an environment of operational and clinical excellence.

As part of our commitment to your success, all of our clinical resources are provided to members at no cost. Access these assets through PINC AI™, Premier’s central resource for technology and information.

Clinical Experts

Innovatix’s in-house team of clinical experts continually assesses and responds to member needs.

Continuing Education (CE)

Earn CE credits by participating in our monthly teleconference programs, attending in-person sessions during Premier's annual Breakthroughs Conference and Expo, and engaging in self-study CE courses.

Clinical News and Resources

Stay up to date with new drug approvals, current U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviews, drug patent and exclusivity expirations, and more.

Contract Advantage Tools

Premier’s suite of contract advantage tools helps members save by comparing the financial advantages of contracted versus non-contracted pharmaceuticals.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Innovatix is committed to providing members with valuable and diverse educational resources to support their professional development.

Lunch ‘N Learn is Innovatix’s monthly teleconference CE opportunity. This program is tailored for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and offers ACPE (Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education) CE credits. 

Premier's annual Breakthroughs Conference and Expo offers an opportunity for pharmacists and pharmacy techs to earn ACPE credits while engaging in valuable in-person educational experiences. 

Innovatix provides at-home written self-study CE courses offering ACPE credits annually. 

Clinical News and Information

Up-to-date industry knowledge is critical. To stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, our in-house clinical experts continuously monitor the latest news and information. 

Innovatix members benefit from complimentary access to a variety of valuable clinical resources including:

Contract Advantage Tools and Calculators

As a leading group purchasing organization, Innovatix empowers our members to make informed and value-driven purchasing decisions. In the pharmaceuticals space, our focus is on assisting members in identifying cost-effective alternatives for drugs not covered by our GPO contracts.

To this end, Innovatix has developed a suite of 70 Contract Advantage Tools (CATs) and three reimbursement calculators.

Contract Advantage Tools

Pharmacies face unique challenges in the dynamic landscape of healthcare. From managing costs to ensuring efficient supply chain operations, the demands are ever-increasing. Innovatix® understands these complexities and offers tailored solutions to meet the needs of these essential healthcare providers.

  • FDA indications.
  • Dosing information.
  • Reimbursement estimates.
  • Projected profit and savings.
  • Costs (with and without contracted rates).

These regularly updated calculators assist in estimating reimbursement for contracted pharmaceuticals from the government and private payers.

Innovatix Members: Access Clinical Pharmacy Solutions on PINC AI™ today!