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Show us your spending . . .
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Looking for a way to save money by reducing purchasing expenses for your business or organization?

Let the purchasing experts at Innovatix help with a complimentary spend analysis!

  • See your spending across categories, from office supplies to medical supplies to shipping to IT, and everything in between
  • Receive a detailed report comparing your costs to the Innovatix portfolio of 2,000+ contracts from 900+ industry leading suppliers, showing specific areas where you can save
  • Start saving up to 40% by purchasing through our contracts for the areas where you spend the most and have the highest savings potential

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Don’t wait – show us your spending today and we’ll show you the savings!

Innovatix identified a combined $50 million in savings for its members through the analyses we performed last year, with an average savings of more than 6% of total purchasing spend. In some categories, savings was as high as 40%!

Check out a sample analysis that we conducted for one of our members.

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