Innovatix Specialty Pharmacy Management (ISPM)

Specialty Solutions for Member Pharmacies

Specialty pharmacy is one of the fastest-growing industries in healthcare. What was once a niche business serving small, unique patient populations is rapidly becoming a widely used, highly competitive service line for pharmacy operators across the country.

As a national leader in non-acute care group purchasing services, Innovatix is committed to helping its members deliver the highest-quality care while operating successfully. The Innovatix Specialty Pharmacy Management (ISPM) program reinforces this commitment by offering customized, no-cost training and solutions to help pharmacies better serve their specialty patients.

Industry experts project that by 2020, 9 of the 10 best-selling drugs by revenue will be specialty drugs.

Specialty drugs accounted for approximately 25% of revenue for retail, mail, and specialty pharmacies in 2014.

Innovatix pharmacy primary members who participate in the ISPM program receive complimentary services, including:

  • Training and guidance to implement specialty pharmacy operations through the Innovatix Institute of Specialty Pharmacy
  • Certification programs and CME credits for pharmacists
  • A transfer program resource that enables pharmacies to provide seamless dispensing services to specialty patients
  • Access to Innovatix contract pricing for more than 200 specialty drugs
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While specialty pharmacy is a growing industry, gaining entry can be complex. Challenges include managing patients with complex chronic conditions, storing and dispensing some of the industry’s most expensive and specialized drugs, and dealing with complicated payment and reimbursement models.

These challenges don’t need to be barriers. Through our Institute of Specialty Pharmacy, Innovatix provides training designed to help member pharmacies better serve their specialty patients while growing their specialty businesses, streamlining operations, and maximizing revenue. Specific offerings include

  • A weekly specialty operations training program
  • Our specialty pharmacy operations manual, which serves as a comprehensive guide to educate business owners about the key services specialty pharmacies provide
  • Prescription management reporting and dashboards, including physician targeting and payer analyses
  • Additional custom training solutions

Specialty Transfer Program

Not a specialty pharmacy but still want to serve your patients seamlessly with their specialty drug needs? Innovatix can help.

Our specialty prescription transfer program aims to help pharmacies that don’t have the resources to provide specialty pharmacy services or have been excluded from payer and manufacturer closed distribution networks. The program enables clients to send specialty prescriptions to a network of specialty pharmacies for dispensing services.

Your patients receive the quality service they’ve come to expect from you, and you can still continue to service all of their needs.

Pharmacy Solutions Group Purchasing Portfolio

Innovatix pharmacy members have access to Innovatix’s comprehensive portfolio of pharmacy contracts. Our pharmacy portfolio covers more than 180 pharmaceutical suppliers and over 15,000 products. In addition to more than 200 specialty drugs, it includes branded and generic pharmaceuticals, compounding products, diabetic supplies, and over-the-counter medications.

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