Innovatix Accreditation Advisory Services

Innovatix Accreditation Advisory Services

Accreditation Support for Pharmacies Nationwide

Innovatix has a longstanding commitment to helping pharmacies provide the best service at the lowest cost while maximizing reimbursements. Third-party accreditation has become increasingly important to pharmacy benefit managers and other payers for verifying quality and patient safety in order to get the best reimbursement rates. Innovatix has launched a new, fee-for-service program—Innovatix Accreditation Advisory Services—to support pharmacies that are looking to achieve recognition from various accrediting bodies, including URAC.

Innovatix is a URAC-accredited pharmacy education and training organization.


Why get accredited?

Accreditation from various agencies is not only vital to the success of any healthcare organization, but may be essential to licensure and compliance. Accreditation is a symbol of excellence and represents a commitment to quality and patient safety.

A third-party approval by an accrediting body demonstrates that a pharmacy has the required staff, resources, and expertise required by payers and manufacturers.

Healthcare accrediting bodies include:



Support based on your needs and resources

Innovatix offers pharmacies three levels of support to best meet each client’s needs and available resources.

  • In a Level 1 engagement, Innovatix reviews your pharmacy’s standards and processes against accreditation measures and helps to polish your application prior to submission to the accrediting body.
  • A Level 2 engagement is more hands-on, with Innovatix experts helping your staff create the required standards and processes through a series of weekly calls and monthly on-site meetings.
  • Level 3 offers the most comprehensive support through a full-time consultant who prepares your pharmacy’s accreditation submission from start to finish.

While engagements vary, the accreditation process typically takes six to nine months to complete; Innovatix Accreditation Advisory Services are priced according to an hourly fee model based on the level of support selected.

** Fees charged by the various accreditation organizations are not included Innovatix Accreditation Advisory Services fees and must be paid separately by clients

Level 1:
Level 2:
Project Management
Level 3:
In-House Consulting
Approximate # of hours required 250–400 hours 550–750 hours Up to 2,000 hours
Education about standards; delivery of department-specific project plan x x x
Weekly reviews x x x
Review and edit standards and processes
(drafted by your staff)
x x x
Application submission x x x
Simulated on-site review and feedback x x x
Monthly in-person meetings x x
Create standards and processes
(drafted by Innovatix)
x x
Support during actual on-site review x
Implementation of standards and processes x

What our clients are saying

“Innovatix has been a pivotal component in our accreditation journey. Without their guidance, this process would have been daunting, time-intensive, and difficult to complete ahead of the nine-month timeframe.”

Vincent Mainella, RPh | Chief Operating Officer | Miller Drug, LLC

Innovatix Accreditation Advisory Services is a fee-for-service program that is open to any pharmacy nationwide. Fees are per facility, using hourly rates and level of engagement. Innovatix fees do not include accreditation costs, which clients must pay to the accrediting organization separately.

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