Current Requests for Proposal

Current Requests for Proposal

Innovatix continually updates and augments our contract portfolio to better meet the needs of our 32,000+ members. To that end, Innovatix posts requests for proposal (RFPs) when we have a specific need to fill in our contract portfolio.

Instances in which Innovatix will post an RFP include:

  • Initiation of contracting for a new or existing pharmaceutical product line
  • Our open bidding process for all pharmaceutical vendors for specified product line items, which takes place every three years (next occurs September 2017)
  • Enhancing our portfolio through direct contracts with vendors offering medical supplies, food, and business services
  • A member needs to contract for a specific medical supply, food product, or business service category through Innovatix

List of Current RFPs

No current requests.

Please check back later for a list of product categories for which Innovatix will accept proposals.

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