Becoming an Innovatix Contracted Supplier

Becoming an Innovatix Contracted Supplier

As an agent serving its 32,000+ members, Innovatix takes pride in offering a robust, diverse contract portfolio of products and services to help our members lower costs while providing the highest quality service and patient care. We greatly value our contracted suppliers, and welcome new vendors interested in helping meet our members’ needs.

Innovatix uses an open and dynamic contracting process. All qualified vendors are welcome to apply. See below for more details, or get started with our prospective supplier questionnaire.

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Innovatix Contracting Process

 The Innovatix group purchasing program is divided into pharmacy and business solutions. Vendors will fit into one of these two categories:


Pharmacy Portfolio

The Innovatix pharmacy portfolio is open to all qualified vendors at all times. Vendors are welcome to submit proposals for new contracts or to add additional products to existing contracts.

Additionally, every three years Innovatix invites all pharmacy vendors to participate in a bid process in which it accepts bids from all vendors for specified product line items. The next bid process will begin in September 2017 for contracts that will commence on July 1, 2018. For this bid process and whenever Innovatix initiates contracting for a new product line or existing product line, we will post information and procedures on the Current Requests for Proposal page.

Business Solutions Portfolio

As an affiliate of Premier, Inc., Innovatix generally offers Premier’s medical supply and food portfolios. Therefore, the contracting process for these products is subject to Premier’s contracting rules. Innovatix also enters into direct contracts with vendors that offer medical supplies, food, and business services. In these instances, we will post information and procedures on the Current Requests for Proposal page.

Qualifications for Innovatix Contracted Suppliers

In order to be eligible to bid on an Innovatix contract, a vendor must be an entity that is duly formed and in good standing under the laws of the relevant jurisdiction and, to the extent applicable, licensed to provide the products and services for which it intends to submit a bid. Innovatix reserves the right to disqualify any vendor based on objective evidence of possible violation of the law or failure to comply with industry standards. Innovatix encourages the participation of small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses.

Innovatix Supplier Selection Criteria

Innovatix will award a contract to any qualified supplier it determines to have proposed the best pricing or offer products that have the most favorable third-party reimbursement terms for a given product or service.

The overwhelming majority of contracts Innovatix offers for medical supplies and food are contracts entered into directly by Premier and the relevant vendor. Therefore, if you are a vendor that is interested in offering a contract for these portfolios, please contact Premier.

If our members have requested that Innovatix contract for a specific medical supply, food product, or business service category, then Innovatix will post a request for proposal (RFP) on the Current Request for Proposal page.

Prospective Supplier Questionnaire

Interested in becoming an Innovatix contracted supplier? Please complete and return the Prospective Supplier Questionnaire using the below link and contact information provided below. Interested vendors may also call or write Innovatix to let us know what your business can offer our members.

Complete our Prospective Supplier Questionnaire


For more information, contact the Innovatix Contracting Team:

555 West 57th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Attn: Contract Services

Phone: (888) 258-3273